Texas Birds Breeders

Casanova's Quakers

Phone: 936-333-7074
Website: AprpgressA work in progress

21455 Old Hwy 105 E.
Cleveland, TX 77328

I breed only quakers. Green, blue, turquoise, opalines, albino and lutinos. Call and see what we have now.
See pictures of this years babies on Facebook : Casanova's Quakers

E&J Aviary

Phone: 832 597 6124
5322 Tree point Rd.
Santa Fe! Texas 77510

India Ringnecks
Violets Normals
Clear Tails,In All Colors.

Kismet Aviary

Phone: 9725719823
Website: FB: kismetaviary

Forney, Texas

Small aviary- breeding green cheeks (various colors), quakers (green, lutino, blue and opaline), blue crown conures and Indian ringnecks (violet, violet clearhead and violet turqoise and harlequin

Bayou City Birds

Phone: 2817329663
Website: bayoucitybirds.com

4302 Stallion Brook Lane

Hey Houston! We are Bayou City Birds. Simply put, we specialize in breeding your best bird friend forever!

We are obsessed with two things: Houston and Quaker Parrots. Our mission is to offer the sweetest (and fully weaned) Quaker babies on the market. We couldn't be more proud to announce the grand opening of BCB and show off all our available babies. We have rare color mutations in addition to greens and blues, so please be sure to fly by our brand new website and share us on Facebook!

Our normal pricing starts at $300 for Green and includes DNA when genetically required and a swag bag for the baby. We currently do not offer shipping. If we do not have the particular color available or coming soon, that you desire, we will help you find your new family member. We believe every family should have a Quaker and every Quaker should have a family.

Schweetybirds, Cockatiels, Conures and More

Phone: 8174564882 / 8176450225
Website: See our Facebook page

2525 Pecan Springs Rd

American Parakeets, English Budgies, Parrotlets, Canary Wings, Cockatiels, Green Cheek Conures, Sun Conures, Alexandrines, Mustache Parakeets, Amazons, Quakers, Senegls, Red Bellies,Congo African Greys

Spring Oaks Aviary

Phone: 512-630-1626
Dripping Springs

I am a small farm I breed the birds I sell, many are seasonal. Breeding and hand feeding Eclectus,, Amazons, African Greys, conures, cockateils and Finches

v&t aviaty

Phone: 281-701-7254
Website: submit later

12776 bellaire blvd houston tx 77072

red rump parakeet
congo grey
ring neck parakeet

Parrot Crush

Phone: 5038666253
Website: www.parrotcrush.com

Wylie, TX

Hey Dallas!
We are Parrot Crush!
Specializing in bringing you a healthy, tame parrot to become a member of your family!

We are obsessed with two things: Parrots and Parrot people. Our mission is to offer the sweetest (and fully weaned) babies on the market.
Fly by our website to see who's available now.

Our pricing starts at $365 (depending on the bird) and includes DNA gender testing.

We currently do not offer shipping.

We are highly recommended and trusted in the pet bird industry, see are 5 star rating on Google!

babies with wings

Phone: 4094548416

Macaws, indian ringnecks, african grays. Please call no emails.

B Z Birds

Phone: 956-454-2004
Website: N/A

1418 High St. Harlingen, TX 78550

I am a small breeder out of my home. I have Parrotlets, Linnies, Button Quail, Quakers, Double Yellow Heads, Rosey Bourkes and mutations, and Opaline Red Rumps.

Bella's Beautiful Budgies

Phone: 214-491-9459
Website: http://bellasbeautifulbudgies.weebly.com


Mckinney, Texas 75070

American Budgies/Parakeets

All tame

Summer babies hand fed

School-year babies handled daily

All budgies handled daily

All fed healthy diet (see my website)

Babies can go home at 6-8 weeks or when fully weaned

Babies may be reserved (email preferred)

Prices $10-30 depending on color mutation and age

Contact me to be put on the waiting list(email preferred)

Contact me with any questions or concerns about my aviary or about budgies in general (either)

Contact me to set up a time to meet the current clutch(s)(email preferred)

Camelot Aviary

Website: http://www.camelotaviary.com

Central Texas

Conures, Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons, and more. Please check out our website!

Happy Bird Place

Website: http://happybirdplace.tripod.com/#photo673225

Dallas/Ft. Worth

Scarlet Chested Parakeet (Splendid Grasskeet), Bourkes (rosey and rubino), turquoisines (normal, yellow, red-bellied), lineolated parakeet (turquoise, cobalt, lutino, creamino), also various finches (gouldians, zebras, societies)

Camelot Aviary

Phone: (512) 213-9357
Website: http://www.camelotaviary.com

PO Box 201944
Austin, TX 78720

We are a small, home-based aviary located in Central Texas with 12+ years of experience in breeding and raising Conures, Cockatoos, Amazons, Macaws and more. We take pride in the excellent care our birds receive and our goal is to raise happy, healthy parrots who will make loving, life-long pets. We will ship within the US on Continental at the buyer's expense.

Tiki Room Aviaries

Phone: (916)759-6394
Website: www.TikiRoomAviaries.com

Fort Worth,TX

Vosmaeri Eclectus
Solomon Island Eclectus
Congo African Grey

The Bird Barn of South Texas

Phone: 956-279-8560
11812 Rooth Rd

Edinburg, TX 78541

Small breeder in South Texas. Specializing in Cockatiels (many beautiful mutations), Green Cheek Conures, Sun Conures, and Indian Ringneck Parakeets. We also breed Blue Crowned Conures and Double Yellow Head Amazons. Hand fed/raised and parent raised Cockatiel babies are usually available. All other babies are hand fed unless the buyer makes prior arrangements with us. If you are a breeder or retailer, ask about wholesale prices. Call or email for availability.

Lone Oak Aviaries

Phone: 210-862-0402
PO Box 826
Helotes, TX 78023-0826

I raise Greencheek conure mutations, Blackcapped conures, Vorens Black cappeds, Roseifrons, Crimson Bellied, Duskys and Australs. I also raise bourke parakeets, rare cockatiel mutations, diamond doves and a variety of other small ground doves.

new braunfels bird breeders

Phone: 830-708-5438
Website: none

specializing in scarlet chested (splendid) parakeets. Also have available owl finches, Lady Gouldian finches, and rosey Bourkes. Please call for availability. Prefer not to ship.

The Eggery Place

Phone: 972-241-4379
2531 Danny Lane

Dallas, TX 75234

Small hobby breeder of:



Timneh African Greys

Website: www.loriinae.com

Lories/Lorikeets - 13 species

Salvadori's Fig Parrots

Quaker mutations - Pallid, Blue, PallidBlue, Dark-eyed Yellow and Dark-eyed Whites

Goffin's Cockatoos

Heavenly Pets

Phone: 903-334-7274


grass keets









I do Ship!

Home Brood Exotics

Phone: 903-771-1514
Website: homebroodexotics.com

801 Walnut St
Honey Grove, TX 75446

Parrotlets (Every single known mutation in the US is represented in our flock), Cape Parrots (Brown Necked), Meyers Parrots.

jipa pets & aviaries

Phone: 13462478670
Website: @jipaviary

12647 Verdant Brook Dr. houston, Texas

sun conures, nanday conures, crimson bellied conures, pineapple conures, pineapple torqouise,cinnamon conures,cockatiels, red rump,

new braunfels bird breeders

Phone: 830-708-5438
Website: none

3590 lariat ridge
new braunfels tx

hobby breeders of Bourkes and Princess of Wales Parakeets. 40 years of experience.

OD Aviary

Phone: 337-396-5267
Website: http://www.africangreyparrotbreeders.com/

El Paso TX 79934

Congo African Grey Parrots

Heavenly Wings Bird Aviary

Phone: 281-381-9808
3602 shannon lane humble texas 77396

Small breeder in humble texas.Parakeets,zebra finches,cockatiels,peach face and fisher lovebirds,ringneck doves,diamond doves,canaries,and quakers.


Phone: 713.805.4880
Website: scarletoaksaviaries.com

10878 westheimer,
suite 254
Houston, TX

see website

JC Aviary

Phone: 512-956-0937
Website: www.jcaviary.com

South Austin,TX

Macaws: Blue and gold, Greenwings, Hybrid macaws, Catalina Macaw, Camelot Macaw, Hyacinth Macaw, Military Macaw, and many more.

Amazons: Double Yellow Head Amazon, Red head amazon, Red Lored Amazon, Lilic head amazon and many more.

Eclectus, Congo African Grey, Timneh African Grey, Caiques, Quakers(Blue and Green), Indian Ringneck, Alexandrine, and many more.

small talk aviary

Phone: 9407678112
Website: www.smalltalkaviary.com

1615 clover lane Wichita falls TX. 76305

blue and green Quakers, double yellow head Amazons,blue front amazons. Hahn mini macaw.

Almost Angels Aviary

Phone: 281-703-2113
Website: www.almostangelsaviary.com

P.O. Box 896
Richmond, TX. 77406

We raise handfed and tame caiques (black head and white bellied), parrotlets, green cheek conures, senegals and blue quakers. Our babies are weaned to a nutritious varied diet of pellets, vegetables, fruit, sprouts and quality seed mix. We also provide free, after the sale support on all the birds we sell.

Birds Of A Feather Aviary

Phone: 210-509-3718
Website: http://www.birdsofafeatheraviary.com

San Antonio

Cockatiels, Indian Ringnecks; Please see our website for how we raise our birds, policies, etc.

KanD Aviary

Phone: 903-348-6286
Website: KanD-Aviary.com

Bryan, TX 77807

Hobby Breeders of Princess of Wales and their mutations, Congo African Greys, Mulgas, Turquoisine, Bourkes and Red Rumped Parakeets, Cockatiels, Green Cheeked Conures, Crimson Rosellas, Rubino and Fiery Eastern Rosellas, Lady Gouldian Finches, Society Finches, Cordon Bleus, Diamond Doves and Button Quail.

felcisfeathered friends

Phone: 956-827-2560
Website: www.felcisfeatheredfriends.com

I am a small breeder in South Texas . I breed sun conures, red factor sun conures, yellow sided green cheek conures, masked lovebirds,fishers, cockatiels and quakers

Phone: 5126595151
11001 s hwy 95 taylor tx

We breed Greenwings,Blue and Gold and Yellow Shoulder Amazons

Scarlet Oaks Aviaries

Phone: 713-805-4880
Website: www.scarletoaksaviaries.com

10878 Westheimer, Suite 254
Houston, TX 77042

Large Breed Tropical Birds

Feathered babies

Phone: 14096004433
1601 ginnway lufkin,tx

Sun conures

African greys


Indian ringnecks

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