Nevada Bird Breeders

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  • Setting up birds end of this year and will have the following mid to late 2021:
    Peach Faced African Lovebirds
    Fishers African Lovebirds
    English Budgies
Xtraordinary Parrotletes
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  • Phone: (702) 996-7955
  • Address: Las Vegas, NV 89121
  • Beautiful Parrotlets. We have turqiouse, blue, pastels (american), green, yellow, and pied. Handfed and training started with all babies. Weaned on a seed and pellet blend. Fresh fruits and veggies given.
Super Parrots USA
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  • Phone: 775 513 4078
  • Address: Las Vegas
  • Super Parrots USA (775)513-4078 Our specialty is supplying trained birds for shows, television and more. Our birds are raised from infancy to be super parrots! If our own pairs don't have eggs or babies of the bird you are looking for we consult our network of amazing breeders to supply you with ANY kind of bird, ANY time of year. We also offer Trick Training, Consultations and Show-Quality Grooming if you've already purchased a bird from somewhere else. Super Parrots USA is owned and operated by Chris Harris, Published Author, AFA Certified Aviculturist & Professional Member of the International Association of Avian Trainers & Educators (IAATE). See his latest article in the next issue of the AFA WAtchbird Magazine! Call to reserve your dream bird today! (775) 513-4078. Our satisfied clients include: The Western Veterinary Conference, Relativity Media (West Hollywood, CA), Serenity Park Bird Sanctuary/Association for Parrot CARE/Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (Los Angeles, CA), Leftfield Productions (New York, NY),, Cirque Du Soleil “Elvis” (Las Vegas, NV), Cirque Du Soleil “Criss Angel - Believe” (Las Vegas, NV), The Jurong Bird Park (Singapore), The History Channel, Clark County Animal Control (Las Vegas, NV), Lied Animal Shelter/The Animal Foundation (Las Vegas, NV), Boones Animals for Hollywood, The Superstars of Magic (USA & Canada), The Sahara Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, NV), The National Geographic Channel, Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary (Las Vegas, NV)and many more!!! We Hope You Will Join Our List Of Satisfied Customers – It Keeps Growing Every Day! SUPER PARROTS USA – (775)513-4078
BNC Birds
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  • Phone: 702-750-1008
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  • We have the best birds in Nevada! Buy with confidence from the same company who supplies the birds for brochures, magazines and even the entertainment industry! We have over 25 years of experience with exotic birds. Breeders of: Macaws,Cockatoos,Greys,Eclectus,Conures, Pionus,Poicephalus,Psittaculla,Rare Lovebirds,Budgies-You Name It! We breed many varieties of each species-Call for availability.

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