Illinois Birds Breeders

Heavenly Feathered Aviary

Breeder of Scarlet Chested Parakeets,Red Rump Parakeets,Golden Mantel,Rubino and Crimson Rosella's

Heavenly Feathered Aviary

Phone: 8154516914

24915 W. Park Ave

I raise
Scarlet Chested Parakeets

Red Rump Parakeets several mutation

Golden Mantels,Rubino and Crimson rosella's

JnJ Aviaries

Phone: 8155306643
Website: n/a

Near Joliet, IL

Specializing in show quality Cockatiels.
Show quality bred, pet raised.
We also do birdie vacation over here!
(References available)

Alexandrine Aviary

Phone: 1-224-386-5954

Schaumburg Illinois

I am a home based breeder that specializes in hand fed baby Alexandrine and Indian Ringneck's, Macaws, Congo African Greys and many other species.
Feel free to call me any time with questions you may have.

Midnight Parrot Place

Phone: 224-231-8577

Roselle IL

Our babies are raised in our home. We have from little Parrotlets to large Macaws and alot in between. Contact us for any information and to see what we may have available. Check us out on facebook :)

The Rustic Perch Aviary

Phone: 630-677-4124

219 Syril Dr.
Geneva. IL 60134

Green Cheek Conures Pineapple and Yellow sided

Birds & More Aviaries

Phone: 7155290542

We are a closed aviary located in rockford illinois. we raise many species of birds including lineolated parakeets, cockatiels, ring necks, cockatoo, macaws, green cheeks, caiques, amazons, mustache parakeets, african greys, blue crowns, senegals and more. we also sell food and toys parts as well as suppliments and supplies.

Private breeder home based

Phone: 8478497797
Website: Stellasexoticbirds


White, pearl,grey peach faced,black masked and yellow lovebirds. Caiques. Turquoise,& green cheek conures. Half moon conures, & sun conures. Blue parroletts. Please call first for local appointments.

Phone: 773-656-1652
Oak lawn Illinois

I am a home based breeder that specializes in hand feed baby Green check Conure and Quaker and Amazon ans senigal and canary and many other species.
Feel free to call or text any time with questions you may have. Thanks

Heavenly Feathered Aviary

Website: Heavenly Feathered Aviary on Facebook

Heavenly Feathered Aviary
I breed several types of Rosella's, Kakariki's, Parrotlets and scarlet chested parakeets and several others

Micro-Brood Aviary

Phone: 708-228-4096
Oak Park, IL 60302

I am a home based breeder that specializes in hand fed baby Macaws, Congo African Greys, Eclectus, Cockatoos and many other species.
Feel free to call me any time with questions you may have.

Brian. 708-228-4096

No Texting Please!!

Faithful Word Aviary

Phone: 217-412-8950

SI Eclectus
Aru Red-Sided Eclectus
White Belly Caique

Siegels 4est birds

Maryville Ill 62062

mustached parrot, quakers,lovebirds, linnies,parrotlets,cockatiels and Indian ring necks

The Feather Connection

Phone: 630 210-5646
14903 So.Lawndale



Breeder of Green Cheek Conures ONLY

All color Mutations

birdmans parrots

Phone: 7733173785

5668 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Il 60659

We specialize in hand feeding and hand raising baby parrots, species we raise are Macaws, Cockatoos, African Greys, Timneh Greys, Indian Ringnecks, Pionus, Jardines, Conures and much more. We also offer financing go to and apply.

Phone: 847-695-5624

804 N. La Fox Street
South Elgin, IL 60177

We have a bird store. We also breed our own conures (all mutations including Dilutes) , parrotlets (all mutations), Sun Conures , parakeets, and lovebirds.


Phone: 708-371-6131

12827 Division St.
Blue Island, 60406

Specializing in multi-generation hybrid Macaws

Mynahs Colony

Phone: 630-384-9393

Glendale Heights, IL

Alexandrines, Indian Ringnecks, Greater Indian Hill Mynahs and Common Mynahs

Aviator Life

Phone: 309-287-4536

24687 Hickory Lane
Hudson, IL 61748

We breed White Bellied Caiques from our pets Myles and Mayzie. We normally have two chicks available in mid to late summer. Check our site for availability. All our chicks are checked by a vet and sexed prior to sale.

blue and gold -love birds

Phone: 773-712-6340

home based

Phone: 639-677-4125
219 Syril Drive
Geneva Il, 60134

Green Cheek Conures

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