Indiana Birds Breeders

Keiko's Abundant Blessings

Phone: 814 203-3868

Indianapolis, Indiana

English Budgerigars, Self-chocolate Society Finches, Parrot Finches, Zebra Finches (American and English)

Phone: 2602265445
20115 hurshtown road Grabill Indiana 46741

Green cheek conure
Indian ring necks
Double yellow headed Amazons
Umbrella cockatoos

Charlotte's Handfed quakers and more

Phone: 219765-0529
Crown point Indiana 46307

We special in quakers all colors.
Also Yellowsided and pineapple conures
Sometimes Eclectus babies
Text 219-765-0529 or visit us on Facebook
Charlotte's Handfed quakers & more

Angel Wings Aviary

Phone: 3175560182
179 West St.
Whiteland, IN 46184

We are a small breeder of Green Cheek Conures.

Phone: 765-609-2470
210 S. Purdum
Kokomo Indiana 46901

Green cheek conures and soon sun conures

Morgan Spring Aviary

Phone: 317-766-4721

Rosy Bourk's
Eastern Rosella's

More to come....

L & R Fancy Feathers

nanday conures

white eyed conures

blue crown conures

green cheek conures

dusky conures

sun conuresn cockat

hahn macaws

golden mantle rosellas

goffin cockatoos

meyer parrots

mustache parakeets

ring neck doves


black wing doves

lovie birds

finches- zebra and society


cockatiels- greys, grey/white, grey/yellow

eclectus parrots

ring neck parakeets

open to trades. any type of parrot i dont have.

Wing Nuts Aviary

Phone: 260-609-6811

2190 E. Widman Rd
Columbia City, IN 46725

Brown-Necked Cape Parrots (P.f.f.)
Bronze Wing Pionus
White Cap Pionus
Dusky Pionus

Cockateils & Parrotlets

Phone: 8125990575
267 Shadynook Hanover Indiana 47243

I have all colors of beautiful cockateils & baby Parrotlets


Phone: 765-283-6170

Muncie, Indiana

American Budgies, English Budgies, Occasionally have American - English Budgie Crosses, Cockatiels, Peach Face Lovebirds, Black Mask Lovebirds(coming soon) & Blue Quaker Parrots We offer Hand fed, Parent Raised, and Adults. We strive for Big healthy well tempered birds.We also breed for Mutation, size and temperament, you won't find many "normal" mutations in our Aviary Occasionally we may trade a bird for sale for a bird we're needing for our breeding program.

Cockateils and Parrotlets

I have several handfed cockateils for sale. I have Parrotlets also.

Weeping willow aviary

Phone: 765-918-6388
West Lafayette

Green cheek conures
Cockatiels in wf, wf pearl , cinnamon gray ,pearl
Others will be added

Phone: 574-607-7143
57721 Page St Elkhart IN

Cckatiels whitefaces and normals in pied pearl gray and lutino.Quakers green and blue. Orange winged amazons

A Bird in Hand

Phone: 812-787-3266

1784 heatherlan lane
north vernon, in 47265

Hand-fed Fischers Lovebirds: green/ blue/ albino
Hand-fed Cockatiels: whiteface/ lutino/ pearl/ pied/cinnamon/ gray.

two crazy bird ladies

Phone: 219-229-2143
Michigan City, IN

All hand fed birds. Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Parakeets, Rosey Bourkes. Also carry a variety of finches, diamond doves and canaries.

Morgan Spring Aviary

Phone: 317-766-4721
Indianapolis, IN

Rosy Bourk's
Eastern Rosellas

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