Connecticut Birds Breeders

Phone: 203-903-6133

Only cockatiels. Hand fed babies.Pellet diet. Sweet and playful. 30 years experience colors vary from week to week. No email $80.00

Feathered Heaven

Phone: +1 (203) 303-7338

Bethel, CT. 06801

-Severe (Red Pied, Color Mutation)
-Blue & Gold

-Yellow Nape (Blue, Color Mutation)
-Double Yellow Head (Magna, Color Mutation)
-Cuban (Connecticut Sales Only)
-Mexican Red Head
-Yellow Lored
-Yellow Lored, Split To White Cap

African Grey's:
-Congo (Red Factor, Color Mutation)

-Blue Crown

-Indian Ringnecks, Grey

-Pintail Whydas

65 Honey Hill Road
East Haddam, CT 06423

Bourke parakeets, Lineolated Parakeets, Parrotlets

Lynnes Little Parrots

Phone: 8605018039

Gales Ferry,
S.E. Connecticut,

Breeding pairs of Parrotlets producing green, blue, yellow & white.
Pair of Linnies (Lineolated Parakeet) producing Normal Green, Cobalt Blue & Turquoise.

Life With Parrots Aviary

Phone: 860-966-4148

Taking deposits for 5 Crimson-bellied Conure babies. Will be weaned beginning of June 2017. We are the only Co-parenting Breeder and raise tame, well-adjusted Conures. Please visit our website and Facebook for pictures of past clutches.

We also raise Green Cheek Conures

Jennies Flying Jewels


East Haddam, CT

Parrotlets, Bourkes (Rosie and Rubino), Canaries & English Budgies, Lineolated Parakeets.

First flight aviary

Phone: (203) 888-9937

Eastern rosellas and some mutations
Stanley rosellas
Scarlet chested parakeets and some mutations
Bourke's parakeets and some mutations
Diamond dove and some mutations
Cape doves

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