Hawaii Birds Breeders

The Bird Guy

Phone: 8083868606
Website: www.birdguyhawaii.com

1717 Naio Street
The Bird Guy

I raise Finches to Green-wing Macaws !!!

Rainbow Wave Aviaries

Phone: 808-256-9389
Located on the island of Oahu, HI

My goal is to provide healthy, friendly companions to responsible homes. My babies are raised with lots of love and human interaction from a young age. My babies are raised on high quality formula, seeds, pellets, and lots of fresh veggies/fruits and cooked foods. All of my birds are disease tested regularly to ensure the health of my breeding birds and babies. I have multiple lovebirds in pairs and colonies. My lovebirds produce babies in a huge variety of colors and mutations, including: opalines, pieds, violets, white face, orange face, edge dilute, pallid, lutino, creamino, slate, American cinnamon, and many more. I also raise cockatiels, and Indian ringneck parakeets. In the near future, I will be breeding my conures (assorted green cheeks, jendays, suns, and red factor suns) and plum headed parakeets. Rainbow Wave Aviaries is a closed door aviary; all birds are disease tested before becoming part of my breeding program and continue to be tested regularly. I will ship from Hawaii at the buyers expense.

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