Oklahoma Birds Breeders

Beaks and Tweets Aviary

Phone: 4054014887
Website: BeaksAndTweets.weebly.com

Pacific parrotlets
Green-cheek conures (high-red yellow-sided, pineapple, and cinnamon)
Cockatiels (normals, pieds, pearls, pied pearls, WF, WF pieds, WF pearls, and WF pied pearls)
English budgies
Peach-faced lovebirds
Bourke's (lutino, rosie, and rainbow)

In addition to hand-raised, tame pet birds, we carry a wide variety of toys, perches, ladders, 24 w x 16 h x 16 d flight cages, ZuPreem pellets, spray millet, and a seed blend we mix up containing seeds, grains, nuts, and a variety of dried fruits/veggies at very nice prices.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BeaksTweets

WildWood Aviary.

Phone: 9042919043
P O Box 1606
Claremore, OK 74018

Eclectus parrots: aruensis, polycholoros, solomonensis, vosmaeri. Greater and Lesser Vasas, Galah cockatoos. Birds for pets are hand reared, weaned, vetted prior to going home, Contract and information provided to new owners. Also offer breeding pairs.

5 Oaks Avairy

Phone: 405-209-4312
Website: www.fiveoaksaviary.com

Oklahoma City, OK

Long time hobby breeder of a variety of parrots. We handfeed and handtame each and every baby. All babies are closed banded and come with health guarantee. We raise the following birds:
Green Cheek Conure Mutations including Tuquoise mutations.
Linnie-Lineolated Parakeet Mutations
Crimson Belly Conures
Double Yellow Head Amazons
Blue Front Amazons
Timneh African Grey
Congo African Grey
Solomon Island Eclectus
Blue Crown Conures
Sun Conures
Jenday Conures
Hahn's Macaws
Yellow Collar Macaws
Blue & Gold Macaws
Military Macaws
Moluccan Cockatoos

Phone: 918-695-1265
29509 s 4230 rd
inola. ok 74036

blue gold macaw
african grey
militari macaw

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