Oregon Birds Breeders


Phone: 5415261231
Website: none

Central Oregon. Address upon request

Green Cheek conure babies. Yellow sided, Recently hatched. Females. Very sweet.

Friendly Parrotlets

Phone: 5414301026
Springfield Oregon,97477

Hand raised ,not just hand feed . my parrotlets get handle untill they are placed in there homes.
We raise quality birds not just breed for money we care about our genetic and the breed.please feel free to call and ask questions!.

Shady Wings Aviary

Phone: 352-454-4208
Website: shadywings.us

Portland Oregon

Over 30 species. Happy, Healthy, Outgoing Baby Parrots! Will Ship

JD's Parrotlets, Lovebirds & Other Mini Parrot

Phone: 541-979-4306
Website: www.miniparrot.com

NE Albany, Oregon
Appointments only.

Parrotlet's, Lovebirds, Lineolated Parakeets, Red Opaline Bourke, Normal Bourke, Rainbow Bourke, Black Capped Conure, White Winged Parakeet, English Budgie, Diamond Doves Bars and stripes mutation and silver cinnamon winged, Pure Stock of European Button Quail Mutations and Red Breasted USA Stock, Finches such as Owl Finch, Parrot Finch Star finch (Red and Orange Face)

Lantana Aviary

Phone: 541-740-1752
Website: www.LantanaAviary.com

Corvallis, Oregon

We are a small breeding facility dedicated to the care and promotion of quality exotic birds located in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Western Oregon. We currently breed Australian Neophema parakeets, including Turquoise and Scarlet-chested parakeets.

Windy Ridge Rosies

Website: http://thesplendidbourkebirdblog.blogspot.com/

Coos Bay, Oregon

Bourke Parakeets available in Spring and Summer. Rosy Bourkes, Lutino Bourkes, Normal Bourkes and occasional Rubino Bourke. Sometimes will have a few that are hand fed and very tame. We don't ship, so pickup must be somewhere near the southern Oregon Coast. Contact for pricing: rosie.birds@gmail.com

Feathered Friends & Co

Phone: 541-679-6500
Website: www.featheredfriendsco.com

Out of Roseburg, Oregon

Several Species of Conures, Cockatoos, Macaws, Derbyan, Moustache, Barraband, Crimson Wing, Australian King, Princess of Wales, Rosey, Red Rump Parakeets. Senegal, Red Belly, Myers,Black Headed Caique, White Cap, Maximillian, Bronze Wing, and Blue Headed Pionus.

B&B Aviary

Scarlet Macaws, Greenwing Macaws,Buffons Macaws,Blue & Gold Macaws, Blue Throat Macaws,Yellow Collar Mini Macaws,

Blue Front Amazon, DYH Amazon,Yellow Naped Amazon, Spectacled Amazon,Tucuman Amazon,
Red Lored Amazon,

Blue Crowned Conures, Greencheek Conures (mutations),Sun Conures, Jenday Conures, Patagonian Conures,Maroon Belly Conures,White Eyed Conures,

Indian Ringnecks (mutations)
Rock Pebblers
English Budgies
Cockatiels (whiteface & Mutations)

Congo African Greys

Star Bird Aviary

Phone: 5037431178

Dutch Frill Canary , Spanish Timbrado Canary
I have baby Spanish Timbrado canaries ready to find new loving homes.

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