California Birds Breeders

Phone: 562-243-9119


Specializing in hand fed white bellied caiques and sun conures.

805 Birds

Phone: (805)665-8828
Oxnard, California

Breeder of African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo, Macaws, and other species.

Congo Parrots

Phone: 7607167780

810 Evergreen Lane
Vista California

Specializing in breeding and hand feeding African Greys.

Phone: 406-839-0326
Website: NA

Handfed Parakeets/Budgerigars. Have a small breeding operation. Beautiful pastel blues and seafoam greens.

Tip_Top Tiels

Phone: 6613190775


Cockatiels in a variety of mutations. Whiteface, Pearl, Pied, Lutino, and Albino (depending on available inventory) All babies are handfed from 3 weeks or earlier and allowed to fully fledge. Close banded.

Rene’s Exotic Parrots

Phone: (831)840-2982

Prunedale ca 93907

Breeders of quality parrots.
Cameroon And Congo African greys, Amazon’s. Macaws ruby and green wings, Indian ringneck, Solomon Islands eclectus and red sided, derbyans, green cheeked conures and some mutations, sun conures, Jenday conures, cockatoos goffins and rosebreasted, golden mantle rosellas, Meyer parrots, Senegal’s, and more...

Live Oak Aviary and Parrots Naturally

Phone: 8187087277

22140 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA

Bird Breeders with 25 years experience breeding Blue Throated, Red Fronted, Blue and Gold, Green Wing, Hanhs Macaws. Breeders of Timneh and Congo African Greys. Uncape parrots, Indian ringnecks, Great Billed parrots, Solomon Island Eclectus, Red Sided Eclectus, Jardines and many more. Owners of Parrots Naturally in Woodland Hills and online store.

Squawking Beaks

Phone: 805-237-2661

Paso Robles

Many types of Cockatoos,Red Vended Cockatoo, Macaws, Mini Macaws, CAG, Conures, Amazons, Lorikeets, and More.

Super Parrots USA

Phone: 7755134078
Website: OR w

North Hollywood

We offer Trick Trained baby birds - Cockatoos, Macaws, Greys, Eclectus, Asiatics, Amazons etc all pre-trained to perform your choice of a variety of tricks. This is a great solution for those people looking to find the best birds possible. We utilize an amazing network of breeders to supply you with any type of bird, any time of the year.

We also offer Trick Training, Consultations and Show-Quality Grooming if you've already purchased a bird from somewhere else.

Super Parrots USA is owned and operated by Chris Harris, Published Author, AFA Certified Aviculturist & Professional Member of the International Association of Avian Trainers & Educators (IAATE). See his latest article in the next issue of the AFA WAtchbird Magazine!

Call to reserve your dream bird today! (775) 513-4078. Our satisfied clients include: The Western Veterinary Conference, Relativity Media (West Hollywood, CA), Serenity Park Bird Sanctuary/Association for Parrot CARE/Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (Los Angeles, CA), Leftfield Productions (New York, NY),, Cirque Du Soleil Elvis (Las Vegas, NV), Cirque Du Soleil Criss Angel - Believe (Las Vegas, NV), The Jurong Bird Park (Singapore), The History Channel, Clark County Animal Control (Las Vegas, NV), Lied Animal Shelter/The Animal Foundation (Las Vegas, NV), Boones Animals for Hollywood, The Superstars of Magic (USA & Canada), The Sahara Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, NV), The National Geographic Channel, Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary (Las Vegas, NV)and many more!!!

We Hope You Will Join Our List Of Satisfied Customers It Keeps Growing Every Day!
SUPER PARROTS USA (775)513-4078

On A Wing An A Prayer

Phone: 951 928-0307

We specialize in handfed Lineolated Parakeets (Linnies), all color mutations, Cockatiels, most mutations, Lovebirds, Red Front Kakariki, English Budgies & American Parakeets

Phone: 619-708-0663
San Diego County

Specializing in exceptionally tame pets - Jenday Conures, Sun Conures, Parrotlets - green, dilute blue, dilute, blue; eastern/gold mantel rosellas; Ringnecks - green, blue, turquoise, albino, lutino, grey; African Greys - Congo & Timnehs; Bourke Parakeets - regular, rosey, pink; handfed zebra finches; button quail; bantam chickens

Lots of Parrotlets



Pacific Parrotlets

Feathered Nest

Phone: 925 698 0191

Congo African Greys, Solomon Island and Vosmarei Eclectus, Greater Vasa Parrots, Umbrella Cockatoos, Rose Breasted Cockatoos, Blue & Gold, Military, Greenwinged, Scarlet and Hyacinth Macaws, Hahns and Yellow Collar mini macaws, Dusky, Musk, Yellow Backed Chattering, Blue Streak, Black, Cardinal, Green Nape and Swainson's Lories.

All babies fully fledged in walk in aviaries. Written health guarantee. Local buyers recieve $30 off their first visit to Dr. Brian Speer at the Medical Center for Birds. Located in Northern California.

Toucan Jungle

Phone: 7606720127

2040 East Vista Way

We have been breeding exotic species since 1975. ( yes, too long )
special interest larger soft Billed birds but also have many parrots species.
Thank you !


Phone: (510)6487497

Macaws, Indian ringnecks, lovebirds

Tropic Island Bird & Supply

Phone: 619-447-4171

4760 Voltaire St
San Diego CA 92107

Tropic Island Bird and Supply is a family owned exotic Bird Aviary with a small store outlet located in the beachfront community of Ocean Beach in San Diego. We sell cages, bird food, bird toys and provide bird boarding, grooming and DNA gender test services. We carry a broad selection of exotic birds which include many Conures, Parrots, Macaws, Cockatoos, Softbills and often have many baby birds for you to choose from. We also ship larger birds nationwide. Please call or contact us by email and/or through Facebook at
or our website to inquire as to what we have in stock.

Bradley Bird Farm

Sylmar, California 91342

Australian Parakeet, Canary Winged Parakeet, Cockatiel, Cockatoo, English Budgie, Indian Ringneck Parakeet, Lovebird, Macaw (Blue and Gold, Green Wing, Scarlet), Parrotlet, Red Rumped Parrot, Sun Conure

D & S Exotics

Phone: 661-947-1588

40240 13th St West
Palmdale, Ca 93551

Pacific Parrotlets (blues and greens),
Timneh African Greys
Cockatiels (normals and white faced)
Conures: green cheeks, aztec, maroon bellied, dusky, peachface, halfmoon

Rainforest Aviaries

Phone: 619-518-5140

San Diego, CA

African Grey Parrots, Macaws, White and Black Throated Magpie Jays

Toucan Jungle

Phone: 760-672-0127

2040 East Vista Way
Vista, Ca 92084

Specializing in Soft-billed birds but also have lots of Parrot type birds

cardenas aviaries

Phone: 15303832891

Breeder of Indian ringneck parakeets and their mutations, plumhead parakeets, alexandrine, derbyan parakeets.

cardenas aviaries

Phone: 5303832891


breeder of asiatic parakeets, specializing in indian ringneck parakeet mutations

Melzano's Parrot Place

Phone: 619-456-0785

San Diego, CA

Melzano's Parrot Place offers the finest exotic baby birds raised in our home for your home. We work with a private breeder network that allows us to offer Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, Conures, Senegals, Eclectus and more (over 80 species). All bird sold within Southern California include a free vet exam by our Avian Vet at no additional charge. We accept credit cards and ship nationwide.

EMR exotic birds

Phone: 858-442-5061

San Diego

Specializes in Exotic Australian species

Jodi's Exotic Birds

Phone: 9517764402

Lake Mathews, CA

B&G Macaws, Severe Macaws, Congo African Grey Parrots, Jardine's Parrots, Senegal Parrots, Sun Conures, Blue-Crown Conures. Will ship from Ontario, CA.

All Beaks Parrot Place

Phone: 951-263-1801

30017 Carob St
Lake Elsinore CA 92530

Macaws, Hybrid Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, African Grey's, Conures, and more.

Phone: 760-842-3436

Thea's Parrot Place is a Provider, Nurturer and Social Developer of Companion Parrots. I specialize in hand-raising the finest exotic baby birds in a loving and stress free environment - in our home for your home. We have a qualified and extensive breeder network that allows us to offer Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, Conures, Senegals, Eclectus and more at about any time of the year. Any parrot you can dream of!

Our customers are involved... We invite you to be a part of your baby's early development process without having to deal with the day-in and day-out cleaning, feeding and all that goes along with the mess. Instead, you will have the JOY of bonding with your baby on visiting days while he/her is in our care. Your baby will be sweet, well socialized, fledged and fully weaned before you take him/her home.

We can set you up for success with cage, toys, etc. (all birdie essentials). You get more than the bird and a bill with your purchase... you receive a one-year limited warranty, 24 hr. emergency phone number, care and feeding instructions, nurturing guidance techniques we use on all our birds, and behavioral counseling for as long as you own your bird.

We believe that the purchase of a parrot should be not be an impulse decision but a logical one - let us help you find the right parrot for your personality and lifestyle... it is a free service we offer. call me at 760-842-3436. Or email me, website:

**I accept PalPal, credit cards, cash, and bank transfers.

Aracaris Aviary

Phone: 8053383549

28115 dorothy dr.
agoura hills Ca.91301

Macaws, parrots and toucans lovingly hand-fed for your home.


Phone: 8059684024
Website: none

7036 del norte dr goleta ca 93117

indian ringnecks, bourke parakeets, and red rump parakeets

Ara aviaries

Phone: 805-338-3549
Website: birdscalifornia

28115 Dorothy dr. Agoura Hills Ca,91301

Macaws: hybrids-catalina-buffgold-Scarlet-Blue and gold
Conures: Green cheek-cinnamons-turquoise-pineapple-yellowsided
Parrots: Rainbow lorikeets

Norm's Aussies

Phone: 714 321-3653 cell

Orange, Ca 92867

Have a collection of Austrailian breed

Scarlet Chested, normal
Turquoisines, green, yellow, opaline
Elegants, normal, lutino
Bourkes, rainbow,lutino, rubino, splits, rosie
Doves, Zebra, Cape

Avian Adventures Aviary

Phone: 530-778-3535

Northern California

We breed the large macaws (greenwing, blue and gold, blue throated and hyacinth) as well as umbrella cockatoos. Our babies are well socialized and handled everyday, allowed to fully fledge and learn to fly, taught 4 basic commands and weaned on to a varied, organic diet.

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