Tennessee Birds Breeders

S&N Aviary

Phone: 610-724-8830
Website: N/A

4004 Rossville blvd Chattanooga Tn.37407

Cockatiels,Red Ramos,Conures and Gouldians finches.

A&M Aviary

Phone: 6156745272
Nashville, TN 37206

We are a small family business specializing in breeding hand fed and hand tame baby birds. Check out our Facebook page for updates: A&M Aviary.

Green Cheek Conures (variety of colors), Lovebirds (variety of colors), Cockatiels, Canaries, Parrotlets, Sun Conures, Jenday Conures, English Budgies, Finches, parakeets.

Shipping and delivery available for an additional fee.
cockatiel and canary seed available 2lbs for $5.00

Thank you! :)

Phone: 423-871-3689
1240 old middlesboro hey.

Canaries. American singers. Red greywing colorbred,

Country Life Farms Aviary

Phone: 6155179776
1208 Country Life Farms Drive
Springfield, TN 37172

We raise everything from parrotlets to macaws and everything in between!

The Bird Farm

Phone: 615-789-6154
215 Sherman Road
Charlotte,Tenn 37036

parrolets,lovebirds,finches,green cheek conures,cherry head conures,parrokeets,
red rump parakeets,cockateils,Indian Ringnecks, bourke parakeets

The Bird Hut

Phone: 615-739-0631
Website: The-bird-hut.com

conures, senegals, cockatoos, amazons, ringnecks, African greys, macaws, lovebirds, cockatiels, English Budgies


Phone: 6152102313
Lebanon, TN

Amazons pairs and singles: Red Lored, Lilac crown, Bluefront, Orange-wing.
Nacaws: Severe, Blue and Gold
Poinus: White cap, Blue headed
Meyers, Senegals, Caique, African ringneck, Lovebirds: Blue blackmasked, Opaline violet, Peachfaced
Finches: black-cheecked and normal zebras, Society, cutthroat,Violet, Orange cheecked
Congo Greys
Conures: peach front, Halfmoon, Y/s xPineapple, Cinnamon, Hoffman


Phone: 4234830687
153 Laurel view rd

Cockatiels, Green cheek conure,

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