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Name:  David Matthews  -   user reviews
Posted:   9/8/2020
Phone:   8609661443
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Location:  Charleston
, South Carolina
Large domed bird cage. Used it for a cape parrot.

Name:  Jennifer Matthews   -   user reviews
Posted:   8/3/2020
Phone:   8609661443
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Location:  Charleston
, South Carolina
Large bird cage for sale. Used for our cape Parrot that has since been rehomed. It was purchased new late December 2019. It is in excellent shape. Dome top and food shields. Brand A&E
We paid $450
Asking $350 or BO
Dimensions 23X32X 64

Name:  greg  -   user reviews
Posted:   7/1/2020
Phone:   7572744716
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Location:  coastal virginia
, Virginia
Corners limited stackable cages. 30x30x60". with additional shot stand for easy cleaning. The perfect cage- lightweight and spacious. $170 new, used like new $100. you pick up.

Name:  Sherrie Stewart  -   user reviews
Posted:   5/24/2020
Phone:   520-499-2979
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Location:  Tucson
, Arizona
Aviary & cages for sale - Professionally fabricated 8'x10' panels that makes a full 20'x30' aviary. Breeder & house cages. Must sell. Forced to move. Call for more info.

Name:  Mary Anne Vandervort  -   user reviews
Posted:   1/27/2020
Phone:   4352162352
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Location:  St. George
, Utah
*3 China Prairie incubators for sale. $900 each

*Stack brooders for sale. $50 per stack, I have 6 stacks of 3 brooders on each.

All items working well at last use, and have been in storage.

All items cleaned before storage. Recommend cleaning and sanitizing again before use.

Can package to ship. You pay shipping. Prices listed for items only, shipping costs would be added after sale is agreed on.

Name:  Ana Temple  -   user reviews
Posted:   12/23/2019
Aviary:   Ana's Parrots and supplies
Phone:   6464965005
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Location:   Stroudsburg
, Pennsylvania
I have new Lyon Brooder and Hatcher available.
Asking $3500 each or trade for birds. I will trade for African grey babies or African greys under 5 years old for future breeding. I will pre pay for disease testing for the birds before the trade.

Stroudsburg PA 18360. For more information please call Ana @646-496-5005. Thank you!

Name:  Janice Sproul  -   user reviews
Posted:   12/16/2019
Phone:   5414301026
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Location:  springfield
, Oregon

Name:  Loretta OBrien  -   user reviews
Posted:   10/23/2019
Phone:   845-532-9377
Email:   Email this seller
Location:  Danbury
, Connecticut
Large Kings Cage...powder black...comes with large sand perch swing and two large wood perches..$200.00

Name:  Wilson   -   user reviews
Posted:   10/7/2019
Email:   Email this seller
Location:  North Florida
, Florida
Palm logs available for nesting for hook bills soft bills, etc. We have available 6-7 logs that range in diameter from 12-16'and 6-7 foot long. Also 4 logs that could be used fir full size toucans that ate 4-5 foot long and 11 logs that are 4-5 foot long that could be USD fir Aracaris mynahs, barbers, etc. Pkg. Deal on all logs.

Name:  Rita Groszmann  -   user reviews
Posted:   10/7/2019
Aviary:   Avian Adventures Aviary
Phone:   (530) 778-3535
Email:   Email this seller
Location:  Trinity County, California
, California
1) Brinsea TLC eco Brooder
Fully featured Brooder/Intensive Care unit for warming newly hatched exotic chicks or sick, injured birds
Dimensions 18.5" x 19" x 15"
This is a new device, never been used. Price brand new was $650; Sales Price $430

2) 2 Humidity Pumps (Brinsea) for fully automatic humidity control with Octagon 20 Advance Egg Incubator and Mini II Advanced Automatic Egg Incubator. Price new $149 each; sale price is $75 each

3) Octagon 20 Incubator (Brinsea) - Fully featured automatic incubator with automatic controls. Works well. It is set into in a turning cradle. See below. New $399. Sale price $200.

4) Turning cradle for Octagon 20 (Brinsea) Egg Incubator. New $224. Sale Price $100.

5) Brinsea Mini II Advanced Automatic Egg Incubator. New $193, Includes an insert for smaller eggs. New $200. Sale Price $100.

6) Joe Freed Petiatric 3030 Mascot Brooder Works well. Mechanical thermostat 12" W x 12" deep x 151/2" high $75

7) Joe Freed Petiatric Medium size Brooder- 2 additional outlets for auxiliary power, mechanical thermostat; updated heater and fan and thermostat assembly 17.5" W x 18" D x 20" H $100

8) Joe Freed Petiatric Large size Brooder - Additional outlet for auxiliary power; mechanical thermostat - rarely used - good condition- works well - 24" W x 17..5" D X 19" H $150

9) Egg Buddy - - Accurately measures heartbeat in fertile eggs - Good Working Order - New $210 - Sale $150

Contact Rita at or (530) 778-3535

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