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  • Name: Wilson
  • Posted: 01/24/2023
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  • Location: Ocala, FL
  • ID #41731

State of the art baby bird brooder. Approximately 3 foot long, 2 foot deep,2 foot high. The brooder looks like the black ones in photo just allot bigger. Can fit 30-50 small specie babies if needed, nice and dark so that babies feel safe. Diane from Sacramento California that makes these brooders from my bird depot made this for us as a special order. Can ship Fed ex ground or meet and pick up. It’s still in the box it arrived in.

  • Name: Wilson
  • Posted: 01/17/2023
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  • Location: Ocala, FL
  • ID #41685

Double macaw cages on rollers, have pull out divider to make cage into 2 cages. Excellent condition 70x80x40

Buy both for 800.00

  • Name: Flory Tomushunis
  • Posted: 06/16/2022
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  • Location: Freeland,
  • ID #41205

Hello, I am making space and have a white cage in decent shape, used for a single cockatiel- the only thing is that the top is only resting on the bottom it is not attached, comes with dishes and stand. Size is 23"Lx16"Wx14"D est. I'm asking $55.00 or best offer. Cash and pick up only. Located in Freeland,Pa. Happy to answer any questions

  • Name: Diane James
  • Posted: 02/02/2022
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  • Location: Dade city,
  • ID #41204




- Bar Spacing: 5/8''

- Bar Thickness: 3.5 mm

- Inside Height: 30''

- Weight: 71 lbs

- Dimensions: 60'' height, by 24'' length, by 22'' depth


- 4 ladders

- 3 feeder doors

- double play top

- screw in wheels

- 1 breeder box door

- new feeder door lock

- 4 easy-gliding casters

- 5 stainless steel dishes

- 2 straight pine perches

- surrounding seed catchers

- 2 slide-out trays (for top and bottom)

- 1 large front door with steel locking latch

- hanging tab to keep trays from falling forward

- Non-toxic finish, Made from Iron-Wrought Steel

- Beautiful baked Powder-Coated

  • Name: Diane
  • Posted: 11/13/2021
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  • Location: Sacramento,
  • ID #41203




They can be purchased directly on our website by clicking the link below. Each is hand-made and best-in-class.

  • Name: Sherrie Lynn Stewart
  • Posted: 08/04/2021
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  • Location: Tucson,
  • ID #41199

Aviary & cages for sale - Professionally fabricated ` 14 - 8'x10' panels that bolt together to make a full flight aviary -

` 10'x30' - or safety/enclosure aviary -asking $2500. Numerous Breeder & House cages - both used and new cages. Make offer. Forced to sell for health reasons. Call520.499.2979 for more info.

  • Name: Sherrie Stewart
  • Posted: 07/30/2021
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  • Location: Tucson,
  • ID #41198

Corner cage for large bird, never used, dual feeding stations, climbing steps and perches, about 5' tall and almost 4' deep. Asking $575. Call me at 520.499.2979 for more information.

  • Name: Esmatullah Salim
  • Posted: 07/28/2021
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  • Location: ROSLYN HEIGHTS,
  • ID #41196

Extra large parrot 🦜 cage in great condition

  • Name: Esmatullah
  • Posted: 07/28/2021
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  • Location: ROSLYN HEIGHTS,
  • ID #41197

I have a beautiful Kings Cage. 9003628 DOME TOP BIRD CAGE in great condition.

Model number 9003628

Aprox 36″ wide, 28″ deep, 67″ high, add 3″-4″ to each side of cage for seed guard

Tray 36″ x 28″

Porch door 17″ Wide x 9″ High

Tray – 34 1/4″ x 27 1/4″ x 1 1/2″

Grill – 34 1/4″ x 27 1/4″

 Seed guard – each piece approximately 3″-4″

1- wooden pine dowel perch

Inside room 50.5″x34.75″x27″

•  Porch door 17″ Wide x 9″ High

• Dimensions: 36″x28″x67″

• Bar Spacing: 1″

• Bar Size: 5 mm

• Weight: 145 lbs

• Wood Perches

• 4 Stainless Steel Food Bowls – 30 oz, 5.75 x 2.5 (NO NIPPLE)

• 4 Screw In Casters

• 1 nest box door 17″x 33.75″

• From tray to grill 7.75″

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2016 Inca 100 incubator. In perfect working order according to manufacturers, but does not incubate small or sensitive eggs well. $1700 plus shipping.

  • Name: Debra
  • Posted: 03/08/2021
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  • Location: Statesboro,
  • ID #41194

Looking for a used Grumbach. Located in South Georgia.

  • Name: Prudence Walker
  • Posted: 02/14/2021
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  • Location: Ormond Beach,
  • ID #41193

For Sale: $550

Huge A&E Corner Cage in color:shaded black

Dimensions are 72.5” tall, 61” wide and 48.5 inches deep. Perfect condition! Front door latch does like to fall apart but other than that. Perfection

5 mm bars, 3/4 inch bar width

Purchased 9/1/2020

$550 cash, take apart and carry, won’t fit thru door. Owner has broken back. Bring a friend

And tools, including Allen wrenches

My loss your gain. NEW $929.99 5 mos ago

Large enough for any bird or smaller exotics

Included FREE is addtl. macaw cage as a bonus seen in Last picture

New A&E cost $929.99 ad is below

Pick up in Ormond Beach, Fla

Coconut palm logs, 3-4 logs are useable for toco toucans, 2-3 logs would be suitable for keel bill toucans, 12-14 suitable for aracaris, toucanets, mynahs, barbets, smaller hornbill species and parrot species. These are all solid and dried, the best nesting for birds due to it is all natural , they can burrow down otni the log for safety and security. Can meet within reasonable distance and ship. Discount on quantities.

  • Name: David Matthews
  • Posted: 09/08/2020
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  • Location: Charleston,
  • ID #41190

Large domed bird cage. Used it for a cape parrot.

  • Name: Jennifer Matthews
  • Posted: 08/03/2020
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  • Location: Charleston ,
  • ID #41189

Large bird cage for sale. Used for our cape Parrot that has since been rehomed. It was purchased new late December 2019. It is in excellent shape. Dome top and food shields. Brand A&E

We paid $450

Asking $350 or BO

Dimensions 23X32X 64

  • Name: greg
  • Posted: 07/01/2020
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  • Location: coastal virginia,
  • ID #41188

Corners limited stackable cages. 30x30x60". with additional shot stand for easy cleaning. The perfect cage- lightweight and spacious. $170 new, used like new $100. you pick up.

  • Name: Sherrie Stewart
  • Posted: 05/24/2020
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  • Location: Tucson,
  • ID #41187

Aviary & cages for sale - Professionally fabricated 8'x10' panels that makes a full 20'x30' aviary. Breeder & house cages. Must sell. Forced to move. Call for more info.

  • Name: Mary Anne Vandervort
  • Posted: 01/27/2020
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  • Location: St. George,
  • ID #39525

*3 China Prairie incubators for sale. $900 each

*Stack brooders for sale. $50 per stack, I have 6 stacks of 3 brooders on each.

All items working well at last use, and have been in storage.

All items cleaned before storage. Recommend cleaning and sanitizing again before use.

Can package to ship. You pay shipping. Prices listed for items only, shipping costs would be added after sale is agreed on.

  • Name: Janice Sproul
  • Posted: 12/16/2019
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  • Location: springfield,
  • ID #39522

  • Name: Loretta OBrien
  • Posted: 10/23/2019
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  • Location: Danbury,
  • ID #39521

Large Kings Cage...powder black...comes with large sand perch swing and two large wood perches..$200.00