Pennsylvania Birds Breeders

Scorpia Nike Aviary

Phone: 7175139801
Lewistown, PA 17044

Crimson bellied conures, on the wait list for blue throated conures, still getting our green cheek conures ( working on getting violets, high yellow yellowsides, high red pineapples, high pink turquoise pineapples, suncheeks, mooncheeks, opamints, mints) and Solomon's island eclectus parrots.

Unclipped Wings Aviary

Phone: 7242050052
312 George st

Bourkes, Kakariki and any spieces i buy out of nest from other breeders to finish weaning then find homes for. From English budgies to African Greys

Love 4 parrots


Hazleton, PA

Amazon, African Greys, Conures, Cockatoos, Macaws, senegal, meyers, indian ringneck and Hahns

Phone: 610-462-6862
303 Barrys Rd.
Effort, Pa. 18330

I am a hobby breeder of Congo African Greys, Blue crown, Sun and Green Cheek Conures and I am expanding

Dutch Hill Aviary

Phone: 814-221-5716

Parker, PA 16049

Breeder of many species of hookbills including pionus, macaws, and amazons. Shipping available.

Pittsburgh Parrotlets

Phone: 724-217-4258

5417 Bossart Street
Pittsburgh, Pa 15206

Parrotlets: Pacific, Green Rumped and Spectacled.
Lineolated Parakeets
Parakeets: American and English

blue and gold macaw

Phone: 570 472 8379
78 Simon Block ave Hanover twp Pa 18706

haas' birds

Phone: 717-275-6068
Website: n/a

Newport, Pa

White Front Amazons, and Solomon island Eclectus

little wings hobbiest

Phone: 717-332-0800
15 east lancaster st red lion pa

small time aviary pair of eclectus they are breeder 12 year old banded baby green cheek with cage

Phone: 17178409349
2011 Whiteford Road

Young male cockatiel

Feathers First Aviary

Phone: 7174244591

We are a small scale breeder of:
American Budgies
English Budgies
Green Cheek Conures
Black Capped Conures

We have partnered with Dianne and Connies Birds and raise their babies as well including:
Lineolated Parakeets
Crimson Bellied Conures
Pacific Parrotlets
Green Rumped Parrotlets

All of our babies are hand fed and well socialized, they come with their hatch certificates, DNA testing(when applicable) and a health guarantee. Sorry We do not sell unweaned babies, no exceptions.

Phone: 422-352-4301
Pittsburgh PA

Rare mutation Cockatiels, Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Bourkes Parakeets, English Budgies,

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