Arkansas Birds Breeders

Singing Wings Aviary

Phone: 479-293-4994

31 Old Wire Road


Quality birds at affordable Prices!! We have available many hookbill species from Handfed babies to breeders and 40+ species of Finches/Canaries.

*CONURES (Sun, Blue Crown, Black Cap, Brown Throat, Peachfront, Halfmoon, Dusky, Green Cheek)

*AMAZONS (Orangewing, DYH, Blue Front, Red Lored)

*MACAWS (Hahns, Yellow Collar, Severe)

*GREYS (Timneh & Congo)

*ECLECTUS (Red Sided, Solomon Island, Vos)

*RINGNECKS (Indian, Derbyan, Alexandrain)

*KEETS (Rosella, Crimsonwing, POW, Red Rump, Bourke, Splendid)

A Birds World Aviary

Phone: 501-580-2320

Finches to McCaws we have it all.


Phone: 501-749-5124
5814 langley rd
jacksonville ar

we are breeding al mutation,
quaker/parrots-parrotlets and lovebrds

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