Birds Breeders

Mile High Parrot Supply

Phone: 303.587.5903

Strasburg, CO 80136
(By Appt. only)

Plum Head Parakeet
Indian Ringneck
African Ringneck
Alexandrine Parakeet
Derbyan Parakeet
African Grey

Love birds

Phone: 8438604230

Tip_Top Tiels

Phone: 6613190775


Cockatiels in a variety of mutations. Whiteface, Pearl, Pied, Lutino, and Albino (depending on available inventory) All babies are handfed from 3 weeks or earlier and allowed to fully fledge. Close banded.

Kismet Aviary

Phone: 9725719823
Website: FB: kismetaviary

Forney, Texas

Small aviary- breeding green cheeks (various colors), quakers (green, lutino, blue and opaline), blue crown conures and Indian ringnecks (violet, violet clearhead and violet turqoise and harlequin

Charlotte's Handfed quakers and more

Phone: 219765-0529
Crown point Indiana 46307

We special in quakers all colors.
Also Yellowsided and pineapple conures
Sometimes Eclectus babies
Text 219-765-0529 or visit us on Facebook
Charlotte's Handfed quakers & more

Birds & More Aviaries

Phone: 7155290542

We are a closed aviary located in rockford illinois. we raise many species of birds including lineolated parakeets, cockatiels, ring necks, cockatoo, macaws, green cheeks, caiques, amazons, mustache parakeets, african greys, blue crowns, senegals and more. we also sell food and toys parts as well as suppliments and supplies.

Taylor Tiels

Phone: 4784428388
149 Bermuda Driv0

Sell a variety of Cocktail Colors

E&J Aviary

Phone: 832 597 6124
5322 Tree point Rd.
Santa Fe! Texas 77510

India Ringnecks
Violets Normals
Clear Tails,In All Colors.

Country Life Farms Aviary

Phone: 6155179776
1208 Country Life Farms Drive
Springfield, TN 37172

We raise everything from parrotlets to macaws and everything in between!

Phone: 4405256477
6412 buggy Dr Madison Ohio 44057

w/f baby cockatiel

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