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Todd Marcus Birds Exotic


DELRAN, NJ 08075
Todd Marcus Birds Exotic has a wonderful reputation. Not as being one of those "Mega Bird Stores", but as being the BEST in the Business, with the healthiest Birds, the Cleanest Environment, and Quality Cages/Toys and Commodities. Our goal is to remain humble, sell healthy birds, make our customers feel like part of the "family" and educate the public on the care of these marvelous creatures. Birds Exotic has been family owned and operated for 35 years.


973 _ 340-1567
nj exotic birds Facebook

114 route 46 east Saddle brook nj 07663
We carry hand fed birds,food,toys, cages,accessories We also offer Boarding,nail and wing clippings
Monday - Saturday 11 am - 9pm
Sunday 11am-6 pm
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Fancy Feathers


31 Roseland Avenue
Caldwell, NJ 07006
Exotic Bird Store - Handfed babies Macaws - Cockatoos - Caiques - Conures - Cockatiels - Parrolets & more. We have everything you need to get your new baby started - Food - Treats - Cages - Toys and Accessories. Check out our FB page Fancy Feathers Aviary.

Fancy Feathers


31 Roseland Avenue Caldwell, NJ 07006
We are a small family owned Exotic Bird store located in Northern New Jersey. All of our babies are handfed and well socialized. We have everything you need to keep your new addition healthy and happy. Cages - Toys - Accessories. We carry the full line of Goldenfeast - Abba Seed - Island Treat - Harrisons - Higgins - Roudybush - Zupreem - Lafabers and more. Stop in and see us - join us on Facebook to see videos and pictures of our babies.

birds by joe


1309 Bound Brook Road Middlesex,NJ 08846
Birds By Joe is a family owned & operated exotic bird specialty store. Our family business has grown with our customers who appreciate the friendly atmosphere and personalized service. While we specialize in African Greys, Amazons, Caiques,Conures,Pionus,Cape Parrot, Cockatoos and Macaws, we also raise smaller birds, such as Finches, Canaries,Parrotlets and Cockatiels. We are fully licensed and conveniently located in Central New Jersey where our baby birds are hand-raised, nurtured and loved by all of us. Our baby birds are abundance weaned, allowed to fully fledge, and are well-socialized with other birds and humans.

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