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Maria's Parrot Place


214 Genesee Point St
Henderson, NV 89074
Maria's Parrot Place is home to the finest companion parrots in Henderson & Las Vegas, Nevada! Thanks to our connections with the Nationwide Parrot Place organization, we have access to over 100 different species of parrot! We can supply all major breeds of:



African Greys






and many more!

Contact us today and let us help you find the parrot you've been looking for!

Bev's Parrot Place


Azure Clouds Way
Las Vegas, Nv 89142
Bev's Parrot Place raises baby parrots 'in a home, for a home' and is a member of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization. We like custom ordering a parrot and matching a parrot with your lifestyle. We are committed to the nurturing and social developement of baby parrots. Our mission is to reduce the amout of parrots that wind up in rescue by educating our potential clients, so they can make a logical decition. Our clients are able to spend quality time bonding with their special order baby during

the weaning and fledging stage. Our prices are competetive and we believe we have the best value in the industry. Call us and set up a no obligation visit today. We do NOT sell unweaned babies.

Southwest Aviary


2730 N. Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, NV 89014
Hand-Raised Exotic Birds

Angie's Sly Parrot


4320 W. Desert Inn St D las Vegas, NV 89102
Angie's Sly Parrot,
Just A Beak Better.
All your Pet Bird Needs! Located in Fabulous Las Vegas, NV! Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff. High-Quality Seed Mixtures, Nutritious Pellets, and Tasty Treats. Safe Bird Toys, Spacious Cages, and Playstands. DNA Sexing, Grooming of all birds $5.00, and Boarding Available. We caryy Harrisons Bird Food!

BNC Birds


-Baby Birds! Priced to sell!! Singles and Unrelated Pairs.
-We also provide Mobile Bird Grooming for the entire Las Vegas valley! 25 years experience.
-Supplies,new and used Cages,Grooming,Toys and Stands.
-Lowest price for a DNA Test in town. results in 3 days! Accuracy Guaranteed.
-Visit our Website for FREE information on parrot Health,Nutrition,Fun Recipies for birds and much more!
-We have your dream bird - Call today!

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