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Name:   terry a knerem
Posted:   2/20/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Cleveland Ohio


Name:   Mary barlow
Posted:   2/19/2019
Phone:   03028629033
Location:   Delaware

A tamed cockatil

Name:   Bryce
Posted:   2/18/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   San Diego

I'm looking for a medium sized parrot such as an amazon (lilac crowned or white fronted preferred, but open to others) citron cockatoo, blue crowned conure, African grey, etc. I'm only looking for one tamed bird for a companion, no breeders.

Name:   Renee Braund
Posted:   2/17/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Cockatoo, yellow feathers on top

Name:   Becky
Posted:   2/17/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Indianapolis indiana

I'm looking for a cockatiel, my baby was old and passed away. Looking for another one

Name:   Pam
Posted:   2/15/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Boca Raton. Fl.

Quaker handfed baby.

Name:   Janya Cochran
Posted:   2/14/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Surprise, Az

Looking for a tame Amazon (No breeders). I have a 54 yr old Single Yellow headed Amazon who is used to have other birds living with him/her. I already have a huge cage with toys. Please either call or email me.

Name:   Patricia Wilkes
Posted:   2/13/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   29645

Parolette r. Black masked love bird

Name:   stockjock
Posted:   2/11/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   San Diego, CA USA

Sadly, my smaller Moluccan Cockatoo, Spooky, passed away yesterday. He or she was my buddy of 35 years. Couldn't have asked for a better friend.

I'm looking for a new buddy. Preferably a nice cockatoo at a low or free price. Not looking for a seller seeking maximum profit. More of a situation where someone is looking for an experienced cockatoo owner who will give a bird a good, loving home.

I'd like a bird without major behavioral problems. Not too much screaming, although they do all scream and I get that. Not a feather plucker like mine was. Not a mean biter either. I prefer a bird that isn't physically huge (again, mine was a smaller Moluccan), but that's not a deal breaker.

I'm a single guy in my 50s. I work, but have good hours and am home a lot. I do have a cage, so that isn't needed.

Feel free to message me if you have any possibilities to discuss.

Name:   Dan
Posted:   2/8/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Tx

Looking for a male Barraband and a male Rock pebblar.

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