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Name:   stockjock
Posted:   2/11/2019
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Location:   San Diego, CA USA

Sadly, my smaller Moluccan Cockatoo, Spooky, passed away yesterday. He or she was my buddy of 35 years. Couldn't have asked for a better friend.

I'm looking for a new buddy. Preferably a nice cockatoo at a low or free price. Not looking for a seller seeking maximum profit. More of a situation where someone is looking for an experienced cockatoo owner who will give a bird a good, loving home.

I'd like a bird without major behavioral problems. Not too much screaming, although they do all scream and I get that. Not a feather plucker like mine was. Not a mean biter either. I prefer a bird that isn't physically huge (again, mine was a smaller Moluccan), but that's not a deal breaker.

I'm a single guy in my 50s. I work, but have good hours and am home a lot. I do have a cage, so that isn't needed.

Feel free to message me if you have any possibilities to discuss.

Name:   Dan
Posted:   2/8/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Tx

Looking for a male Barraband and a male Rock pebblar.

Email, text or call

Name:   Mark
Posted:   2/7/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Baton Rouge, La.

ISO female Moluccan Cockatoo breeder, preferably 5-15yrs, closed banded, dna sexed

Name:   Melissa Ward
Posted:   2/7/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Lewistown, PA

I am looking for pairs of indian ring necks, Parisian frill canary, Solomon islands eclectus, Timneh african grey, english budgies that breed rainbow chicks, any blue throated macaws or blue throated conures, dusky pionus pairs, or a dusky headed female. Prefer willing to ship but if you live nearby i can find a way to arrange pickup. Trades are considered since i am a breeder of crimson bellied conures but i do pay fair market prices.

Name:   Rick
Posted:   2/5/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Phoenix, AZ

I am looking for an adult age 4-10 years male white bellied caique as a breeder. I have 25+ years experience with caiques and have a heated/air conditioned aviary. Usual cost of a breeder male is $800 + $165 shipping and $25 box fee. Thanks, Rick

Name:   Loretta Dorce
Posted:   2/2/2019
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Location:   Golden Valley Az

I am interested in Young birds. Conures, Eclectus, & African Greys. I have a all original 1976 Monte Carlo with 72,000 original miles on it. It even has the original floor mats. Its white with black interior. I am asking $14,000 for it & will trade for birds. If your interested let me know what you have & I will email pictures of my car inside & out.

Name:   Nita stull
Posted:   1/31/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   arkansas

i want african grey Parrot

Name:   judy harper
Posted:   1/30/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Ocala

Looking for a mustache parrot

Name:   Nancy
Posted:   1/29/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Germantown md

Looking for a caique female if possible I'm very serious about finding this bird I'm ready to pay the rehome fee

Name:   wilson
Posted:   1/29/2019
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   N. Florida

We need a male jardine. Tameness does not matter, must be healthy and provide current pic and must be able to ship if too far too meet.

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