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  • Name: Kathy W.
  • Posted: 03/28/2021
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  • Location: Milwaukee WI,
  • ID #39057

Female Cockatiel. Older ok.

  • Name: Bill Alameri
  • Posted: 03/27/2021
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  • Location: Arlington, TX,
  • ID #39053

baby White cheeked bulbul

I'm looking to buy cockatiels. Any birds I buy will get a loving forever home. I have an large indoor cage where they stay at night, and sunroom that they will get the run of during the day. I work at home so I'll have lots of time to spend with them.

!!Must be willing to ship!!

Any Age Any Gender

I will look at any cockatiel but these mutations are a big plus.




White-faced Pied


White-faced Pearl


Email or texted me with info, price, and pictures.

Email -

Cell Phone - (352)875-1204

Thank you for your time.

Im looking for a Green wing female Macaw.

  • Posted: 03/25/2021
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  • Location: OH,
  • ID #39051

Looking for African Grey. Live in Cincinnati Oh. Please call 513-601-7454.

  • Name: Chris Cabrera
  • Posted: 03/24/2021
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  • Location: Florida,
  • ID #39048

I am in need of a male Rubino Rosella that is sexed with documentation. Has to be a year old or younger, preferably in Florida but will consider shipped.

Thank you.

Permanent home specifically for cockatoos in need.