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Name:   Ricky Duncan
Posted:   12/1/2018
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Williamston, South Carolina

Female breeder Blue Front Amazon parrot. Prefer breeding age! 6yrs or older!

Name:   Alexandria Nungaray
Posted:   12/1/2018
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Los Angeles, CA

Orange-chinned parakeet. Young but not a baby. Preferably female

Name:   José luis
Posted:   12/1/2018
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Mexico

I am looking for aviaries Who are interested in sell large orders, Tame birds, cockatoos, macaw, caciques, africa grey, caciques, eclectus, etc all. Psitacidos i need it.
Need zoosanitary and quarenteen by your. Ministery If you are interested or you know some aviary please contact me by mail or Phone

Name:   george boscoe
Posted:   11/28/2018
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   orinda,ca

want a mature blue front amazon hen must be sexed and over 5 yrs old and less than 15 yo

Name:   carmen stuart
Posted:   11/21/2018
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Dawsonville, Ga. USA

Mustache parakeets- prefer to buy whole clutch out-of-nest. Will pay $375.00 for each baby. No shipping but can meet if distance is not unreasonable.

Name:   Amy Margentino
Posted:   11/21/2018
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   New Britain, CT

Hi my name is Amy and I'm looking for a cockatoo. I'm 50 years old. I do have bird experience. With that being said I'm looking for a cockatoo 25 to 30 years old. The reason being is since I'm 50 if I get a baby cockatoo he's definitely going to outlive me. I wouldn't want a cockatoo, a family member to go through a traumatic experience of having to be rehomed.

Name:   Veronica Ganados
Posted:   11/20/2018
Phone:   15714663764
Location:   Woodbridge Value

I am looking for a green wing macaw or any macaw that is available for 500 or lower my adopted scarlet macaw passed away about 2 1/2 months ago. Please contact me if you are selling or know anyone who is selling a macaw of that price. I really need a companion bird for my anxiety. Thank you!

Name:   Lily
Posted:   11/19/2018
Phone:   5708610920
Location:   Hazleton, PA

Looking for a proven Male Solomon Island Eclectus. Please text me with pricing, age and history I/A. Thanks!

Name:   MelindaFisher
Posted:   11/17/2018
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Big Island of Hawaii

I want scarlet chested parakeets- a male and female pair for breeding. And Gouldian finches with purple chest. And Cordon Blue finches.

Name:   Aaron
Posted:   11/16/2018
E-mail:   Email poster
Location:   Chattanooga Tn

I am looking for crested Parakeets and some Emerald cockatiel females .

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