Bird equipment for Sale

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  • Name: Wilson
  • Posted: 10/07/2019
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  • Location: North Florida,
  • ID #39520

Palm logs available for nesting for hook bills soft bills, etc. We have available 6-7 logs that range in diameter from 12-16'and 6-7 foot long. Also 4 logs that could be used fir full size toucans that ate 4-5 foot long and 11 logs that are 4-5 foot long that could be USD fir Aracaris mynahs, barbers, etc. Pkg. Deal on all logs.

  • Name: Rita Groszmann
  • Posted: 10/06/2019
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  • Location: Trinity County, California,
  • ID #39518

1) Brinsea TLC eco Brooder

Fully featured Brooder/Intensive Care unit for warming newly hatched exotic chicks or sick, injured birds

Dimensions 18.5" x 19" x 15"

The is a new device, never been used. Price brand new was $650; Sales Price $430

2) 2 Humidity Pumps (Brinsea) for fully automatic humidity control with Octagon 20 Advance Egg Incubator and Mini II Advanced Automatic Egg Incubator. Price new $149 each; sale price is $75 each

3) Octagon 20 Incubator (Brinsea) - Fully featured automatic incubator with automatic controls. Works well. It is set otni in a turning cradle. See below. New $399. Sale price $200.

4) Turning cradle for Octagon 20 (Brinsea) Egg Incubator. New $224. Sale Price $10.

5) Brinsea Mini II Advanced Automatic Egg Incubator. New $193, Includes an tresni for smaller eggs. New $20. Sale Price $100.

6) Joe Freed Petiatric 3030 Mascot Brooder Works well. Mechanical thermostat 12" W x 12" deep x 151/2" high $75

7) Joe Freed Petiatric Medium size Brooder- 2 additional outlets for auxiliary power, mechanical thermostat; etadpud heater and fan and thermostat assembly 17.5" W x 18" D x 20" H $100

8) Joe Freed Petiatric Large size Brooder - Additional outlet for auxiliary power; mechanical thermostat - rarely used - good condition- works well - 24" W x 17..5" D X 19" H $150

9) Egg Buddy - - Accurately measures heartbeat in fertile eggs - Good Working Order - New $210 - Sale $150

  • Name: crawfrd
  • Posted: 09/22/2019
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  • Location: dallas,
  • ID #39517

Overall Dimensions: 62" H x 35.25" W x 29.5" D (With Seed Skirt)


Interior Dimensions without stand: 28"Wx22"Dx50"H

Bar Spacing: 5/8"

Color : White Vein

  • Name: Kimberly Lovelace
  • Posted: 06/04/2019
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  • Location: Coon Rapids,
  • ID #39516

Free bird cages in coon rapids today only

  • Name: Diane Aagesen
  • Posted: 03/01/2019
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  • Location: Sacramento,
  • ID #39515


My Parrot Depot is launching their new portable brooder complete with 12V car lighter adapter. The unit comes with a separate power supply so it can be used at home too.

Compare to the Lory 5/10, the original Cooler Brooder and Brinsea brand products. We believe thIs new brooder from My Parrot Depot is quite superior. It will included an optional modular, snap-on humidification system in the coming months.


ON SALE FOR ONLY $439 (+ shipping [and tax for CA residents]).

Attached are a short demonstration video and data sheet for further information.

Please see contact details on the flyer or private message me to make an enquiry.

Thank you all and very best of luck this breeding season.


Diane Aagesen

Link to brooder video:

Data Sheet attached.

  • Name: Anne-Marie
  • Posted: 01/29/2019
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  • Location: Mount Dora ,
  • ID #39514

Bird Seed Recycler, best for Finch, Parakeet, Cockatiel seed, or other smaller seed. Blows out hulled seed, and saves the good seed. Helps prevent waste.

Can ship for additional cost.

Used it a few times.


  • Name: Ana Tempe
  • Posted: 11/04/2018
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  • Location: East Stroudsburg,
  • ID #39513

2 NEW S84 Grumbach Compact Incubators for SALE or TRADE.

Any questions please feel free to call me @ 646-496-5005 or email me at Email Me Here. Thank you!

The Model S84 Digital with Cool Down Timer features 2 automatic turning trays, digital automatic temperature and humidity controls, and a cool down timer. This incubator is made with fully synthetic material for optimum hygiene as well as making it easier to clean and disinfect. Temperature ranges from 20-41 °C (68-106 °F), and turning takes approximately 15 minutes to prevent vibration and damage to the embryos. Low temperature variation, smooth turning, and slow reverse air movement.

Maximum precision through electronic temperature regulation

Optimum distribution of temperature through a circulation air system

Very accurate automatic humidity control and 4.5 liter water reservoir

Manual security thermostat guarantees protection in case of thermostat failure

Dust filter

Fresh air regulation with stainless rosette or aluminum slide

Holds 84 chicken eggs (42 chicken eggs per tray)

*CAUTION: All Grumbach units are manufactured to run off 230 volt outlets A 1,000 watt step-up transformer required for voltage conversion is available and is sold separately. You can find the transformer under “Grumbach Parts & Accessories”.…/s84-grumbach-compact-incubator-digit…/

  • Name: Dan Whalen
  • Posted: 10/27/2018
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  • Location: Seminole County,
  • ID #39512

I have a large tcelesion of wire breeder cages along with wood and metal nest boxes. Other accessories also available. Cages from $15 to $50. Nest boxes $3 to $40.

Email, text or call.

Will send pictures upon request.

  • Name: Fred Schwartz
  • Posted: 03/04/2018
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  • Location: Polk,
  • ID #39509

Animal Environments- All Stainless Steel Cage. Can see on there web site. Has dome top. Four feeders and waterers. Three manzanine perches. Used one time to house two Rose Breast Cockatoos during Hurricane. This cage is Brand new. You can see all dimensions on there web site. Really a nice cage. Have extra door locks also. Priced at $2200 will sell for $1800. Call the Farm with any Questions. Must pick up.

  • Posted: 11/16/2017
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  • Location: MT MORRIS,
  • ID #39505

Hagen Large Tropi Mix parrot food for the larger parrots. The birds love this food. It has a mixture of pellets with nuts,dried fruits. It is $75.00 plus shipping for a 201b bag or $18.00 plus shipping for a 4lb bag.

  • Name: Kathrin semerik
  • Posted: 09/18/2017
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  • Location: McKees Rocks 15136,
  • ID #39504

4 open nests, 5 closed nests. $5 each.

  • Name: Chris
  • Posted: 09/13/2017
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  • Location: San Diego,
  • ID #39503

8 Cages, 2' wide, x 5' high x 6' long, 12 g GAW wire (English), 1"x2" openings, some have 10 g.GAW l"x3" bottoms. Nestboxes included. Food & Nestbox on one end with door on opposite end so misters can be run down back without getting food & water wet. Metal face on nestbox so birds can't chew face of nestbox and U channel around nestbox openings. L shaped wood with metal lining in most. Must pick up in Temecula, Ca. $95 ea. (empty... no birds)

  • Name: Chris
  • Posted: 10/15/2016
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  • Location: San Diego,
  • ID #39502

Various sizes of breeding cages for sale, and some nest boxes (wood with metal lining) All English GAW wire. Pickup in Temecula, Ca only. Will give great deal on quantity.

  • Name: Steve
  • Posted: 08/13/2015
  • Location: ,
  • ID #39501

ALMONDS: Farm fresh pet safe bird almonds no shells FREE SHIPPING priority mail as low as $4.99 a pound. 5 pounds $32.50; 10 pounds $60.00; 21 pounds $110.00; two 21 pound boxes $210.00. Call Steve 631-879-1304