Rare Hybrid Giant Verdi Macaw Baby

Title:   Rare Hybrid Giant Verdi Macaw Baby
Name:   Parrot Daddy   User Review

Date:   8/26/2021
Website:   http://parrotdaddy.com/
Phone:   866-922-7754
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Location:   North,

Rare Gentle Giant Hybrid Verdi Macaw baby available.


The Gentle Giant Verdi Macaws we raise are some of the largest Macaws in the world. Macaws in the US have an average weight of 900 grams. Our Verdi''s average between 1500 to as heavy as 1800 grams. That''s a whopping 600 grams plus, almost twice the size of a normal macaw. Our Verdi''s are super quiet and make great pets. They are used by Freeflyers across the US. These babies have come from a truly closed aviary since 1999. This means they are disease-free and haven''t been exposed to possible sick birds from Bird Shows and or at Pet Shops. Call us to find out more. Don''t miss the opportunity to own this Rare Macaw.

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