Green Cheek Conure babies hand fed for s

Title:   Green Cheek Conure babies hand fed for s
Name:   Joseph Johnson

Date:   6/18/2021
Phone:   630-677-4125
Location:   ,

I currently have two (high red) Yellow -sided GCC for sale. I have personally hand -fed and raised these birds after the first two weeks being raise by their parent birds. Both babies have wonderful color and are up to their beaks with red and are in excellent health. The parent birds both had wellness check-ups in April and are in excellent health. Our baby birds get several hours or attentive care and interaction daily with myself and all family members. they are well adjusted to interacting with people of all ages and are already leaning to step up and perch. they should be fully weaned around 7/14 on a pellet, fruit, vegetable, and seed diet. both are already eating all mentioned along with their formula for the past few days. PLEASE only inquire if you have researched what is required to raise a healthy happy GCC, understand their disposition, have adequate living environment for the bird, and most importantly have the time and companionship your new family member deserves. there is a$100.00 dollar deposit to hold with the balance in cash on the pick-up.


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