Cape Parrot

Title:   Cape Parrot
Name:   Ana Temple   User Review

Date:   3/9/2021
Phone:   6464965005
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Location:   Stroudsburg,

We have a GORGEOUS Cape Parrot available!

Cape Parrots are prized for their lovely personality. There’s so much to love about these intelligent birds. They are cuddly, playful, and all-around gentle giants.

Cape Parrot are also great talkers. Some even compare their ability with those of the African Greys – which says a lot!

If you are interested in a Cape Parrot, do some research on your own and see how amazing these birds are. Cape Parrots are at the top of my list, along with Blue-Headed Macaws, Greys, and Goldens as the top 10 birds to have.

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