Hand fed Blue Male Pacific Parrotlet

Title:   Hand fed Blue Male Pacific Parrotlet
Name:   Bailey Henderson   User Review

Date:   3/1/2021
Website:   www.newedenavianconservancy.weebly.com
Phone:   6365354712
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Location:   Saint Louis,

This little boy will be ready to go to his new home in 2-3 weeks. He has been hand-fed from the time of hatching and closed-banded. I have lots of pictures from his chick-hood. His parents and the rest of the birds in his vicinity have been disease-tested negative for PBFD, polyomavirus, bornavirus, psittacosis, and bordetella avium (lockjaw), so you can rest assured that no diseases will enter your pre-existing flock through this guy. His parents are both green, a ideal pairing genetically that yields long-lived, large, healthy offspring in contrast to pairs that carry many recessive color mutations. A deposit is required to reserve until weaning. Parrotlets are weaned onto Kaytee Supreme Cockatiel seed, Goldenfeast Australian Blend, Roudybush Crumbles pellets, and a high-quality fresh food mix consisting of fruits, vegetables, and sprouts. A two-week health guarantee is extended on all birds sold. I ship regularly via Delta Airlines; regardless of destination the cost is $155 + $25 transportation crate. Thank you for your interest and for supporting aviculture and captive conservation.

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