Green Wing Macaw Tame talking hen

Title:   Green Wing Macaw Tame talking hen
Name:   Chris Estep   User Review

Date:   10/29/2020
Phone:   7606720127
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Location:   Vista,

Green Wing Macaw, 7 year old hen, Very sweet bird but will like female humans only till she has a male human to pick instead. Talks very clear and often to guys. Used to being on open perch but does fine in a big macaw cage. I am trying to find somebody who needs a hen for a male green wing to pair her up for breeding. She loves guys but I am sure she would much rather have her own kind. She does have a little feather pulling issue between her wings on her lower back. So most likely hormonal and she desired to BREED. Let her !!! steps right up and very sweet natured bird. Active, great weight, eats wells. Have a tame male ? She wants one... great price to make it easier for a breeder to buy her .... pictures taken 10/26/20 $2300.00

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