Grass Parakeets Kakariki

Title:   Grass Parakeets Kakariki
Name:   Anne-Marie   User Review

Date:   5/29/2020
Phone:   352-551-4065
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Mount Dora,

Discount for multiple Bird purchases

Scarlet-chested Parakeets:

2019 Grey Males, possibly split ino. $250

2020 Greys, Cinn. Blue, various colors, splits. $150& up


2019 Opaline (Rosy) males some Blue-tceles, $ 125

2019 Rubino hen $150

2020 Opaline (Rosy) Blue-tceles bloodlines $ 125

2020 Rubino hens $150


2018 Proven Yellow (Dilute) Male $ 150

2020 Unsexed Yellows, Yellow Opaline, Red Opaline $ 125 & up

Blue Kakarikis

2019 Blue Pied Kakariki male $ 300

***Might consider complete sell-out of Blue Kakariki pairs, (8 birds total), all are Blue, Blue Pied, Cinnamon Blue (pale blue), Pied Cinnamon Blue; all pairs are proven & very productive***

Call for more information

Looking to buy or trade for a heavy Blue Pied Kakariki hen (must be mostly white)

Located in Central Florida. Mount Dora, Zip 32756

I am 45 minutes South of Ocala, 90 minutes north-east of Tampa,45 minutes north from Orlando.

Shipping from Orlando Airport, Delta only, $ 175 (that''s what Delta charges me). Absolutely no shipping with US Post Office!

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