Blue Gold macaw pairs

Title:   Blue Gold macaw pairs
Name:   Pete   User Review

Date:   4/7/2020
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I have 2 pairs of proven for previous blue and gold macaws. Ive had several clear clutches from one pair but I believe theyre too close to my other birds. Both pairs are not very noisey and very easy to work around. No lunging or super aggression when cleaning or changing out things in their cages.

Im ideally looking to trade them for a baby Hand-fed macaw or rare macaw ie: buffons or blue throated(age and sex not important). Open to other trades but primarily looking for a baby macaw, any age buffons, or blue throated.

Both pairs in rough feather but are great parents and will sit and feed. One pair is around 20yo and the other pair is around 30yo.

If interested in purchasing them Im asking $1500.00 per pair no cage included.

**willing to negotiate on price if youre interested in taking both pairs!!**

Im willing to drive up to 5hours to deliver them. Please serious inquires only.

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