Red fronted Macaw Baby

Title:   Red fronted Macaw Baby
Name:   Lorrie   User Review

Date:   3/6/2020
Phone:   360-980-2986
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Location:   Vancouver,

Our gorgeous Red-fronted Macaw Baby, “Rocko”. He’s approx 7 mos. and a DNA Male. He’s has a super personality to match. He is very silly and mimics. He will be an outstanding companion and one of the best birds ever. Although the smallest of the large macaws, he will still require a large cage, and lots of toys and plenty of out of cage time as he loves to be with his people and loves attention. He is fully flighted and will fly to you when called. A real buddy parrot. Please call us or write us to see if he is a good fit for you. You can see more picts and videos of him (and our other parrots) on Instagram @luminaryparrots. $3850.



Handfed fabulous feathered friends, Luminary Parrots are flighted, lovingly weaned, family raised, and properly socialized in our active household. This makes the weaned baby you will received, super tame, friendly and with basic training, as in starting to fly to your hand when called. We are a small aviary by aviculture practices and are able to spend quality time with our baby parrots as individuals on a daily basis. We will ship in the US to the nearest major airport to you.

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