Macaws for saletrade

Title:   Macaws for saletrade
Name:   Pete   User Review

Date:   1/5/2020
Phone:   815-980-7005
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I have a few macaws I’m looking to rehome. I just have too many and need to thin my flock a bit.

Pair of harlequin producing; female is large greenwing slightly plucked from nesting, and a male blue and gold in great feather. I will not split them up as they’re proven and have been together almost 15 years. Asking $2500

Pair of blue and gold macaws, rough feather around 30 years old. Proven, male is in very rough feather and female is slightly plucked from nesting. Asking $2000

Single sexed proven male scarlet 16yo HUGE. asking $2000

All these birds are vet checked, microchip, and have a clean bill of health. My birds get checkups annually.

I’d like to trade all these birds for a single older hyacinth or black cockatoo. Doesn’t need to be tamed or fully feather. Im also willing to drive up to 6hours to deliver them. They’re all proven breeder birds and I’d love to see them go to another breeder where they can continue to produce for many years.

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