Female Yellow Dominant Camelot Macaw

Title:   Female Yellow Dominant Camelot Macaw
Name:   Natasha Oliver   User Review

Date:   7/31/2019
Website:   Facebook; @hibirdieaviary
Phone:   8104293330
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Location:   Swartz Creek,



DEPOSIT: $3,000

PRICE: $7,000

We are a family owned aviary located in Swartz Creek, Michigan 48473. We are aviculturalist whom specialize in a variety of pure, hybrid and mutation macaw species. We are focused on providing the highest quality pets with the highest level of customer satisfaction for families and enthusiasts. We do not force our babies to wean as each and every baby’s growth and development is different. Our babies are weaned onto a diet that consists of vegetables, homemade mash, high quality pellets, seed and in-shell and out of shell nuts. The occasional fruit is given as a healthy treat/reward for positive behavior, as fruit is loaded with sugar and can promote hyperactivity in your baby, fruit should be limited. Our babies are raised in our home around our children, four dogs and other macaws(of course!). Which makes for an easier transition for your baby when he/she is ready to go home! Each baby develops their own personality and they’re always loved as if they would be our forever family members. We do not clip our babies! Because we allow our babies to fledge naturally, they are able to develop to their full potential both physically and mentally as a baby bird. Our veterinarian is: Scott E. McDonald, DVM Avian Laparoscopy 18 Waverly Avenue Clarendon Hills, Illinois 60514 Office: (630)654-3580 Cell: (630)240-2751 DrSEMcD@aol.com All of our parent birds are disease tested and we are proud to say we have a healthy disease free aviary. If you have any questions or would just like to speak with us, feel free to give us a call! We would love to speak with you!! Thank You, Hi Birdie Aviary “Where Lifelong Friends Are Made!” Swartz Creek, Michigan 48473 Natasha Oliver/Ryan Brown (810)429-3330 (810)347-3454 FACEBOOK PAGE @ HI BIRDIE AVIARY

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