Rehoming 1 Year Old Green Wing Macaw

Title:   Rehoming 1 Year Old Green Wing Macaw
Name:   Garrett   User Review

Date:   6/10/2019
Phone:   5673440046
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Location:   Paulding,

I had someone who was going to get him, but that fell through so he is for sale again.

Sadly due to work and family commitments, I am having to rehome my Green Wing Macaw. He is a little over a year old (Hatch Date: 3/14/18) and very friendly and energetic. Asking $2500 for him.

Pick up only (NW Ohio).

The only reason I am looking for a new home for him is I don''t have time to handle and interact with him like he needs (I am working 12 hours a day right now) and I would rather find him a new home now rather than wait and him develop behavior issues over the next few years because he is not getting enough attention.

He was hand raised by Susan''s Parrot Place in Michigan. I also have the DNA blood test paper work for him.

He has never bitten me or anyone else that has handled him (when playing he grabs with his beak but is not actually biting). He is a little shy of strangers at first so he will need to warm up to someone new. He yells the normal amount for a macaw (macaws are noisy by nature) but he does not scream excessively and doesn''t have any other major behavior problems either. He loves action and and playing so he will do best with someone who wants to handle and interact with him a lot. He also loves head scratches and even tries to rub his own head.

He was raised on Tropican pellets (sticks) and also like various veggies and fruits. He absolutely loves nuts and will do anything to get one so they make a great treat for training and reinforcing good behavior.

He hatched with a wing deformation where his left wing tip is missing. Visually you can''t really tell unless he spreads his wings out, however he will never be able to fly.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or would like more info. I can also get you more pictures or a video of him if you are interested.

I also have his A&E Platinum 48''x36'' Dome Top Cage with 1'' Bar Spacing available for $600. The cage has only been used for him.

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