Macaw pairs for saletrade

Title:   Macaw pairs for saletrade
Name:   Pete   User Review

Date:   6/6/2019
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I’m cutting down on breeding pairs and have the following proven pairs available;

30+ year old pair of blue and golds very bonded and plucked/ very easy to work around. Female is handleable when not in season $2000

15-25 year old proven pair of Catalina producing macaws. Male is a scarlet and female is blue and gold. Female is also handleable when not in season. $3500

I have a single male harlequin I was going to hold back, but never paired. Friendly and social. $1500

Possibly interested in trades but would have to be for a single bird, no pairs... Blue throat macaw, Hyacinth macaw, buffons macaw, or any of the black cockatoos. Does not need to be tame or young, just healthy

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