Proven pairs singles

Title:   Proven pairs singles
Name:   Sergio   User Review

Date:   5/18/2019
Phone:   7863267698
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Location:   Ft pierce,

Proven Pair of citron cockatoos $1100

Proven pair of bared eyed cockatoos $1100

Proven pair of goffin cockatoos $1100

Proven pair of red fronted macaws $1500

Proven pair of scarlet macaw with blue gold macaw $2200

Single harliquin macaw $1200

Single greenwing macaw $1200

Proven pair of harliquin with a catalina macaw $2400

Proven pair greenwing with a blue gold macaw $2200

Proven pair of blue gold macaws $1600

Female lilac crown amazon $750

Proven pair of quakers $250

Sergio 7863267698

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