Harlequin Macaw

Title:   Harlequin Macaw
Name:   BRENDA WOLODKIN   User Review

Date:   5/11/2019
Website:   brendasparrotplace.us
Phone:   8105776477
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Location:   MT MORRIS,

Hatched April 7, 2019, has a warranty, hasn''t been DNA yet. This baby is $3,800. This Harlequin is going to be a wonderful companion. It is getting a lot of attention by my family.

Harlequin Macaws are quite intelligent, trainable, and adept at learning tricks . They can learn to talk with a general vocabulary of about 15 or more words or expressions. The word ''harlequin'' is defined as ''clown'', and these playful birds can truly live up to that reputation.

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