Proven pair Calico Gold macaws

Title:   Proven pair Calico Gold macaws
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Date:   4/16/2019
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Location:   Delaware valley,

Proven macaw pair, ONE OF A KIND HYBRIDS

Female is a stunning Calico macaw (greenwing x military) 7yrs old perfect feather and excellent mom

Male is a very animated blue and gold macaw. 9yrs old perfect feather and awesome father will help incubate and feed.

Together they make the most awesome, hybrids with all the good traits of the giant kind and intelligent greenwing macaw , all the silly fun loving and devotion of the Military Macaw and last but not least the outgoing beautiful and sassy Blue and Gold.

You get ALL 3 personalities in one magnificent baby with completely unique feathers, size, shades of green blue red gold all in one watercolor painting brought to life

These guys have successfully raised 3 clutches of 2-3 babies and have the rest of their breeding lives ahead of them.

Macaw balanced diet with fruits vegetable and all kinds of people food (scrambled eggs and pulled chicken is their favorite

Please be serious when contacting me, this wass a very difficult decision for me and they are the very last pair In my breeder cutback

Due to upcoming move to smaller more manageable farm in the south where winters are not freezing us out ! PRICE REDUCED $3500

$4000 firm for this young pr of macaws who will produce the most one of a kind sweet colorful babies that you can easily make your investment back with your 1st clutch

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