Handfed Babies Available

Title:   Handfed Babies Available
Name:   Brandon   User Review

Date:   4/6/2019
Website:   www.parrotsunlimited.net
Phone:   619-786-7887
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   San Diego, CA,

We have the following handfed babies available for deposit:

Yellow Naped Amazons - $1950

Lilac Crowned Amazons - $975

Mustache Parakeets - $775

Alexandrian - $1000

High Yellow Sun Conure (weaned) - $575

Fancy Love Birds - $150

Cockatiels - $200

We specialize in raising all species of parrots hand raised in our home. We have babies available all year. Our hand raising techniques include abundance weaning, daily play sessions, supreme hand feeding formula, etc. The result is a truly outstanding parrot companions. All credit cards are accepted and we ship via Delta Airlines.

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