Selling all birds

Title:   Selling all birds
Name:   Shelly snyder   User Review

Date:   10/7/2017
Phone:   7406020908
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Location:   Cardington,

Selling all birds in our aviary, will not be raising anymore birds. I am somewhat flexible on the prices though I do not intend to give them away so please don''t ask. I will ship United petsafe only $100 for the airline and $30 for the crate. I do NOT ship USPS.

I will provide pictures of any bird your interested in. They have been on a great diet while I have had them and none of these are old bred out birds.

Below is a list of what I left and is currently available.

Proven pair of plum heads, perfect feather $600

Proven pair of Mulgas, male is missing a foot but he has proven himself 3 times without it. Perfect feather. $600

Proven pair of princess of whales, perfect feather. $800

Female timneh African Grey perfect feather$1000 DNA

Bonded pair of Indian ringnecks perfect feather. Green $400

Bourkes 2 pair, proven, Perfect feather. Split to rosy$100

3 young just weaned bourkes, 1 rosy $60 and 2 normal $50ea.

Pair of green cheek conures proven cinnamon and a normal. Perfect feather. $200

Pair of English budgies proven,perfect feather $125

Proven pair Canary wings parrots. Perfect feather. $250


2 pair of gouldians, one pair silver hen with pastel blue male. $225 the other is normal hen black head white chest hen with dilute Yellow male $150

Cutthroats 2 pair, proven perfect feather $50 pair

Zebra finches, breeders and their young many mutations. At least 20 birds right now. Will sell the whole group for $60

Society finches, creaminos $20 all others are $7

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