Green Cheek Pairs Singles Babies

Title:   Green Cheek Pairs Singles Babies
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Date:   9/14/2017
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Package Deal – Green Cheek Pairs, Singles & Babies

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Pineapple green cheek male paired with a yellowside hen. The hen is proven last year by a friend of mine and she is 2 years old. The male is 3 years old and closed banded and had not been paired up before I put these two together a couple months ago. They are getting along well and she''s laying in the cage now so are really ready for a nestbox!

Proven for me pair of green cheek conures. Male is pineapple with lots of red and female is yellowside.

The female is closed banded and hatched in 2011, male is not banded but hatched same year. They produced for me a couple months ago and I usually get one or two high red babies from them out of each clutch. During breeding/laying they do pluck eachother. They are in good feather now and normally are unless they are breeding. I would be keeping this pair but I''m selling out of green cheeks and these are one of my last pairs.

Yellowside split cinnamon green cheek conure male, proven for me, sex linked male so no need for DNA sexing, in great feather, he is closed banded and is 4 years old. He is one of my own babies that I raised and held back for breeding.

Pineapple turquoise green cheek conure male, DNA sexed, closed banded, 3 years old, has never been paired. He is one of my own babies I held back for breeding but I have been short on hens the last two years so have had several males that never got paired up, him included.

3 dilute green cheek babies. They were all handfed and are not bitey and will step out when out of the cage so could all still be good pets or will make great future breeders. None have been sexed. They are out of two dilute parents with no known splits. Two are closed banded and one got missed when I was banding.

$1600 for the two pairs, two singles and three dilute babies

Shipping is $155 via Delta, I''ll throw in crates for FREE

Selling these as a package deal. None of these birds are related, besides the 3 dilute siblings.

Text with any questions 989-464-1616

Shipping available via Delta ONLY.

I will NOT answer questions already answered in the ad. So please read ENTIRE ad before messaging me.

I will NOT ship with United. If you ask if I will or why I don''t you will be ignored.

I''m not here to waste anyones time so please don''t waste mine, SERIOUS buyers ONLY!

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