Moluccan Cockatoo

Title:   Moluccan Cockatoo
Name:   Ray   User Review

Date:   7/6/2017
Phone:   602-568-2336
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Location:   Orlando,

Due to urgent unforeseen circumstances unfortunately I am forced to put up all of my loving pet bird companions up for adoption. They all have to go including cages, stands, Java tree and many more which will be sold separately. I will be listing the birds itemized below individually.

This is Lyola, a gorgeous pinkish large 6 year old male Moluccan Cockatoo. He knows his own name. He is extremely loving and affectionate. He has a lot of personality and also is a great talker. He does a lot of gibberish and mimics my style of laughing. He likes to be out of his cage and play all the time. He is very active, energetic and very funny. He requires a lot of attention and can be loud at times. When it is time to put him back in his cage he takes this as a form of punishment and repeatedly says you are a bad bird, you are a bad bird. When I am laying on the couch he gets on my chest and whispers otni my eras. He has a high IQ level and is very intelligent. By just repeating the phrase '' I love you'' few time now he repeats it. He has scrambled eggs, sweet corn and meat for breakfast and at night he loves eating a mixture of rice, mix vegetables, macaroni and chicken breast. He is in pristine feather condition. He is an absolute love.

Asking price for Moluccan cockatoo is $900

This is the listing of other my other birds which I soon be advertising separately with more pictures and description. They are all in pristine feather condition except the female Fitzroy sulphur crested cockatoo, downy on the chest.

1-Colombian Scarlet Macaw, M. , 5 years old super friendly (Exceptional) $900

2-Triton Cockatoo ( Rare ) F., 6 years old, wonderful and super friendly $1500

3-Black Headed Caique, M., 2 years old, wonderful and super friendly, comical, great pet for entire family including kids $450

4-Jardine Parrot, M., 4 years old, wonderful and super friendly, great pet for the entire family including kids $450

5-White Bellied Caique, M., 4 years old, wonderful and super friendly, comical, great pet for the entire family including kids $550

6-Huge pair of Fitzroy Sulphur crested cockatoo bonded pair, extremely rare in captivity (Male is super tame) $1200/ pair

ABOUT Fitzroy Sulphur Crested Cockatoos: They are subspecies of greater sulphur crested cockatoos. They are found by Fitzroy river in northwestern Australia. As far as size goes they are somewhere between a greater sulphur crested cockatoo and a medium sulphur crested cockatoo. The Fitzroy sulphur crested cockatoos have been long forgotten and only the top expert breeders know about them and there also is some information available about this subspecies on the internet. I am really giving this pair away at this price, they are worth 3 times as much to a knowledgeable breeder.

7- There are also some nice like new cages, Java tree stand, brand new metal stands available at reasonable prices.

NO SHIPPING, Local pick up ONLY

You can contact Ray@ 602-568-2336

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