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Name:   Bernadette Di Salvo   User Review

Date:   5/12/2017
Phone:   937-848-4819
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Location:   Bellbrook,

Next weekend! Sunday, May 21st is our LAST Bird Fair & Auction @ Montgomery Co. Fairgrounds! Don’t miss out on what has been a stellar event for us for the last 25 years!

Fair runs 10-4pm, Auction begins at 12pm

Admission $4 adults

Kids 12 and under are free

Free Parking!

Held at Montgomery County Fairgrounds

1043 S. Main St., Dayton, OH 45402

This is our ONLY bird fair and auction for the year and last one at the fairgrounds! Don’t miss out on vendors selling birds, food, toys, cages, play stands, and accessories!

Auction begins at 12pm and will consist of over 80 lots of single and pairs of breeders, pet birds, finches, canaries, etc.

Need to sell a bird in the auction? We are now taking consignments thru Monday! You MUST have your birds pre-registered for the auction and we often fill up early, so don’t wait! Call us today 937-848-4819 and ask for Bernie

Want to set up vendor space? Check out forms here or call us 937-848-4819

Birds entered in the auction so far:

Pairs and groups of Zebra Finches, pairs and singles of Gouldian Finches, Breeding pair of Doves, Female Albino Red Rump, Pair of Kakarikis

Pairs and singles of Peach face Lovebirds, Female Violet Black Masked Lovebird, Pair of Rosey Bourke Parakeets, Rubino Bourke Parakeet, Lutino Bourke Parakeet, Pairs and singles of American Budgies, Singles and Pairs of Parrotlets, groups and pairs of cockatiels

Meyer’s Parrot, Male Patagonian Conure, Peach Front Conure, Female Cinnamon Greencheek, Female Yellow Sided Greencheek, Female Cinnamon Turquoise Greencheek Conure, Breeder pair of Turquoise Greencheek Conures, Proven pairs of Blue Quakers, Pair of Indian Ringnecks (Lutino female, Blue male), Female Alexandrine Parakeet (pet), 2 Female Green Indian Ringnecks (sold separately), Female White Bellied Caique (breeder), Female White Bellied Caique (pet), Female Black Head Caique

breeding pair of Blue Head Pionus, breeding pair of Double Yellow Head Amazons, Female Double Yellow Head Amazon (pet), Female Blue Front Amazon/hybrid, Timneh African Grey, Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, Male Yellow Collared Mini Macaw, Male Greenwing Macaw

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