Breeder Single Conures more

Title:   Breeder Single Conures more
Name:   Eric Antheunisse   User Review

Date:   3/23/2017
Phone:   2093332185
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   lodi,

I have several single conures all mature ready to breed.

2 male Rosifrons Conures $350 ea

3 Male Pearly Conures $300 ea.

4 Turq. Green Cheeked conure Males $250 ea

1 single female Black capped conure $300

2 male Emma White eared conures $600 ea

3 male Maroon Belly Conures $250 ea

5 male Normal Green Cheeked conures poss. splits to pineapple $150 ea

1 proven male Vosmaeri Eclectus $1200

1 proven male Red Sided Eclectus Plucked $750

1 mature male Yellow Shouldered Amazon $850

1 proven male Goffin Cockatoo $650

1 mature female waglers conure $850

Adult female Keel billed toucan $5000

DNA sexed pair White throated magpie jays $1400 pr.

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