Birds for sale

Title:   Birds for sale
Name:   Ken   User Review

Date:   3/6/2017
Phone:   352) 430-4781
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Birds for sale---- Goffin cockatoo-$500.00, Moluccan-$2,500.00 pair, Rose breasted-$2,500.00 pair, Lais wing ring neck-$600.00 pair, Eclectus-$1,500.00 pair, Blue quakers-$650.00 pair, White quaker $900.00, Quaker-$1,600.00 pair. I also have Cages, Nest boxes, Water and Food dishes for sale. Calling me will be much faster then leaving a email. Serious inquiries only please thank you. (Ken-(352)430-4781. If you buy a few I maybe can do a little better on prices.

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