Title:   Parrots''for''sale
Name:   Tom Gay   User Review

Date:   12/11/2016
Phone:   (770) 500-2882
E-mail:   Email this seller
Location:   Conyers,

Birds for sale

white front pinous 750.00 sweet

blue head pinous 700.00 steps up but you have to make friends, this years baby

orange wing amazon 1200.00 this years, tame

crimson belly conures 750.00 this years

mulloccan cockatoo 2400.00 sweet 7 years old

harlequin macaw 2400.00 sweet, this years

congo babies 1750.00 sweet

timneh 1200.00 very sweet, missing several toes but perches well

shamrock macaw 2400.00 sweet, this years

umbrella cockatoo 1600.00 each, sweet. 1 female baby, one male 3 years old

military macaw sale 975.00. sweet, this years, Ga only

scarlet macaw 2000.00 sweet, this years

red front macaw 1600.00 sweet, this years

panama amazon 1400.00 sweet, this years

eclectus female baby, red sided, 1600.00

greater jardine 1400.00 tame

lesser jardine 1200.00 tame

hybrid jardine 800.00 tame most of the time, last years

sun conures 350.00 tame this years

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