Title:   Cockatoos''available
Name:   John   User Review

Date:   12/1/2016
Phone:   405.633.1010
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Location:   Oklahoma City,

1.1 proven pair of long billed corella cockatoos. Excellent feather. Have to pull eggs and incubate. $2,200.00

1.1 proven bare-eyed cockatoos. Excellent feather. Will sit and feed youngsters. $1,200.00

0.2 true greater sulfur crested cockatoos. These are true cacatĂșa galerita galerita hens. Will sell separately. $3,000.00 for both

1.1 triton cockatoos. $2,700.00

1.1 ducorps cockatoos. $1,200.

Birds have been kept in large flight with about 50 other cockatoos. I simply do not have room to set them up to breed - they should be in a facility that can set them up to breed.

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