Singles pairs available

Title:   Singles pairs available
Name:   Eric Antheunisse   User Review

Date:   12/1/2016
Phone:   2093332185
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Location:   lodi,

S/s Mature Female Very Rare Waglers Conures $800

S/s Male Derbeyan Parakeet 10 months old $550

2 proven Hen Green Ringnecks $125 ea

1 proven Male s/s Lutino Linnie Parakeet $300

1 young pair s/s Turq. Male with a grey hen Ringneck $500 pair

1 young s/s pair Turq. Grey Ringnecks $650 pair

2 young s/s Male Rare emma White eared Conures $650 ea. Were hand fed still tame

Proven Female Alexandrine Parakeet $550

Mature Male Pearly conure $275

Mature Male Crimson Bellied conure $375

2 young s/s Male Rosifrons Conures $350 ea

Mature Female Firey Shouldered Conure $350

Young S/s Pairs Nanday conures $600 pair

Young S/s Pairs American Dilute GC Conures

Visual males split hens $600 pair

single S/s Male Dilutes $350 ea

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