Moluccan Cockatoo

Title:   Moluccan Cockatoo
Name:   Kathy sherback

Date:   11/19/2016
Phone:   7276885306
Location:   St Petersburg,

Beautiful friendly Moluccan Cockatoo, 20 years old. C/W 2 java trees, one XL(700 value), one L tree (500.00).... 3 harnesses, free standing perch, Large cage, not a cheap one - (600.00), shoulder pouch, toys, etc. This guy is extremely entertaining, very loving and has a pretty decent vocabulary (hello, come - on, nikki, pretty bird, watcha doing, barks like a dog, wolf whistle, kisses, etc.) We just do not have the time he DEMANDS... he needs a one pet home. He needs to be the center of attention, so needs someone who is home all day, and has no other pets. We just have too much ... we have many dogs and we both work full time. We''ve had Nikki for a year and wish we could keep him but it''s just too much, and he really thrives on attention. Please no homes like ours (multiple pets and work).... if you have one pet and stay at home all the time it may work but preferably he should be the only pet. videos and pics can be sent as requested. Loves to go biking and golfing, and for car rides. ''Re homing'' fee of 1800.00 ... FIRM. This fee is for the bird, not his cage etc. so even if you do not need or want his trees or cage the price is the same. Homes will be screened.

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