Singles pairs available

Title:   Singles pairs available
Name:   Eric Antheunisse   User Review

Date:   10/13/2016
Phone:   2093332185
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Location:   Acampo,

Proven Female Ruppells Parrot $800

2 Adult female Egg laying Crimson Rosellas $350ea

1 young s/s By Scott Mcdonald Plum headed Parakeet


2 s/s adult ready to breed Crimson Belly conures $400 ea

2 s/s Adult Male Pearly Conures $250 ea

1 Proven Male Pure Vosmaeri Eclectus $1300

several s/s male American Dilute Green Cheeked Conures poss. split Suncheek $350 ea.

1 pair Turg. Grey Ringnecks young s/s pair $00 pr.

1 proven pair green ringnecks $350 pr.

1 young s/s pair ringnecks grye with a turg. Blue $550pr.

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