Rosella for sale

Rubino Eastern Rosellas
Name:   Patrick  -  user reviews
Posted:   6/15/2019
Phone:   713-857-0742
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Location:   Houston , Texas

2019 hatch Rubino Eastern Rosellas for sale. $350 each. Text or email is best way to reach me.
Pale headed Rosella Breeding Pair
Name:   Anne-Marie  -  user reviews
Posted:   1/29/2019
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Location:   Mount Dora , Florida

Pair of Pale-headed Rosellas, male plucked. Young birds. Always housed outdoors in large flight Aviary. $500
Blue Crimson Rosellas
Name:   Fred  -  user reviews
Posted:   12/22/2018
Aviary:   Rock Bottom Farm
Phone:   (863)285-7042
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Location:   Fort Meade , Florida

Blue Pennant Rosellas, All Birds are in perfect Feather, unless stated. All Birds were saved for the Farms Breeding program. You will look long and hard to find Blue Pennants this large. All are closed banded with the year and are unrelated. Can not ship because of cold and I am unable to drive at this time. 1)1 pr. Blues turning 2 yrs old. Ready to breed this spring 2)1 pr. Blues 2yr. Male with proven breeder Hen about 5 yr. New Male with hen. 3)Blue Male with Blue Pastel Hen. Plucked some. 4)Blue Male proven breeder has some bent toes from a band to tight. 5)Blue Males 2017 - Perfect in every way. Huge for yearling birds.