Pionus for sale

Blue Headed Pionus
Name:   Ana Temple  -  user reviews
Posted:   5/19/2021
Aviary:   Ana's Parrots and supplies
Website:   https://www.anasparrots.com/
Phone:   6464965005
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Location:   Stroudsburg , Pennsylvania

This gorgeous Blue Headed Pionus is now available. Those who have owned a Pionus, describe their personalities as fun-loving, comical, and affectionate. Maximilian’s Pionus enjoys spending quite a bit of time with their owners.
Baby Blue Headed Pionus Available
Name:   Alexis  -  user reviews
Posted:   1/29/2021
Aviary:   Parrot Stars
Website:   parrotstars.com
Phone:   2247357537
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Location:   Arlington Heights , Illinois

Baby Blue Headed Pionus Available! Pionus are known for their gentle, laid back personalities. They are often easy going and do well with dynamic lifestyles. They can be affectionate and playful at times and thoroughly enjoy companionship. Each Pionus is unique but like any parrot, they all require lots of time and commitment. It is important to make sure they have a large cage, they need enough space to exercise and move freely so that they do not get overweight. Ideally, the minimum cage size for this bird would be 30' long, 22' wide, 63' high with 3/4' wire spacing. At Parrot Stars we focus on education, nutrition, and conservation. We work very hard to help educate our customers on parrot companionship. Prior to taking a bird home, we will provide information on proper housing, creating a safe environment, diet, behavior, hormones and much more. No question will go unanswered. Every hand fed baby is weaned on to a high variety diet. They are weaned onto fruits and veggies, a soak and sprout mix we make here in store, high variety seed that we also make here in store, and naturally colored pellet. If you have questions regarding this baby, or any others that we have available, please give us a call! Feel free to follow us on Facebook @parrotstars for more pictures, videos and information. $3,400
Blue Headed Pionus
Name:   SR  -  user reviews
Posted:   1/16/2021
Phone:   2813101133
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Location:   Houston , Texas

Dna sexed female Blue Headed Pionus. Started eating pellets, still on one evening feeding of baby formula. You wont find very many of these around. Make a good offer and take her home today.
4yr old Blue Headed Pionus Hen
Name:   Rich  -  user reviews
Posted:   9/27/2020
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, North Carolina

Here's a rarity, perfect feather and health 4 year old blue headed pionus hen. She's a sweet bird loves to hang out on your shoulder, loves her head rubbed. She's in prime mature condition ready to breed or be a forever pet. 2000.00 can ship on nonstop delta flights or on American.
Maxi Pionus
Name:   Ana Tempe  -  user reviews
Posted:   6/4/2020
Aviary:   Ana's Parrots and supplies
Phone:   6464965005
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Location:   Stroudsburg , Pennsylvania

This gorgeous 4-year old, Maxi Pionus is now available. Those who have owned a Maximilian Pionus, describe their personalities as fun-loving, comical, and affectionate. Maximilian’s Pionus enjoys spending quite a bit of time with their owners. Stroudsburg PA 18360. Any questions please call Ana @646-496-5005. Thank you!
Blue Headed Pionus
Name:   Craig Frye  -  user reviews
Posted:   5/17/2020
Website:   www.hawaiiparrot.com
Phone:   8083722220
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, Hawaii

Blue-Headed Pionus baby available May 25 others end of June Band #50 waiting on DNA sexing Can ship to a few major airports Will update photo www.hawaiiparrot.com ph/text 808 372-2220

Blue Headed Pionus
Name:   Craig Frye  -  user reviews
Posted:   4/26/2020
Aviary:   Hawaii Zoological
Website:   www.hawaiiparrot.com
Phone:   808 372 2220
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Location:   Honolulu , Hawaii

Blue-Headed Pionus baby available in June Band #50 waiting on DNA sexing Will update photo www.hawaiiparrot.com 808 372-2220
Spare singles for sale
Name:   Wayne Andrews  -  user reviews
Posted:   4/4/2020
Phone:   831 240 2520
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Location:   Watsonville Rare lilacine hen for sale, Domestic raise but age unknown,missing a few toe nails. Was scoped 2 years back and viable and health internally. I will not sell this bird into a pet home. Asking 800.00 Adult parent raised ducorps cockatoo male. This birds was part my most productive pair but lost the hen last year. He is in great feather except for the back of his hen (small area from where his mate had plucked him) 800.00 May consider trades for red belly's, ruppells, pionus
Not yet 1yr hand fed male pionus with
Name:   Jacqueline  -  user reviews
Posted:   1/25/2020
Aviary:   Maximillian pionus
Phone:   19167694261
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Location:   Colfax , California

Pionus= $800 Luxury cage = $800 Baby not a year old maximillian pionus looking for a new home. Super sweet, quite, and curious. Sadly my life has become to hectic for this little guy, and he needs a more stable, reliable home. He is trained on step ups, downs, never bites, and occasionally likes to mimic. He likes his scratches on his head but tends to be quite and pretty solo, but will always step up and doesnt shy from attention.  His cage is huge. Standing up 4ft tall on the inside for him with tons of toys. All toys and food will come with him. Have a full bag of pellets, and dry food, as well as lots of toys.  I wish I could keep this beautiful sweet parrot, all I want is for him to have the life he deserves/attention. Hoping there is a home out there for this loving little guy. Any more questions please feel free to text
Pair white capped Pionus
Name:   Danielle  -  user reviews
Posted:   12/18/2019
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, Wisconsin

We have a pair of white capped Pionus for sale. If you have any questions please feel free free to ask.
Lots singles
Name:   Huong  -  user reviews
Posted:   11/28/2019
Aviary:   Birdland
Website:   Www.birdlandssandiego.com
Phone:   619-541-2903
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Location:   Jamul , California

We have a lot young DNA sexed singles Pionus $450 Miltrid conure $450 White eye conure $450 Blue crown conure $450 Canary wing parakeet $125 Green conure $400 Lilac amazon $475 Sun conure $400 Red lord Amazon $600 African grey male $1450 Yellow nape male $1000

Super Sweet Blue Headed Pionus
Name:   Sissy  -  user reviews
Posted:   11/12/2019
Aviary:   Sissy's Bird Colony
Website:   www.Sissysbirdcolony.com
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Location:   Aylett, Va , Virginia

This is the sweetest blue headed pionus that's being hand raised. It shouldn't be too much longer before this bird is weaned and ready for a new home. Does excellent with step up, no hesitation. Gets excited to see someone come up to his cage because he can't wait to get out and get some attention. This bird loves to snuggle up with you. Truly a sweet loving bird. Getting a good bird needs to have a good loving beginning. He gets that plus so much more. It's not me spoiling him it's him spoiling me. I do believe this bird is a male. If you want a DNA done just ask for details. More pictures are on my website. www.Sissysbirdcolony.com $2100 ea.
Breeder sell out
Name:   Huong  -  Posted:   10/20/2019
Website:   Birdlandsandiego.com
Phone:   619-541-2903
Location:   Jamul , California

6 pairs white Capp pionus $1200 a pair 12 pair Senegal $1000 a pair 3 pair lilacs amazon $1400 a pair 2 pair blue crown conure $950 a pair 1 pair hybrid cockatoo sulfur crest male and lessor female $2400 a pair 1 goffin cockatoo $550 proven male 1 female bare eye cockatoo $1100 1 pair Rosie fron conures $600
Maximilians Pionus
Name:   Dan Heller  -  user reviews
Posted:   9/1/2019
Phone:   5205682094
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Location:   Maricopa , Arizona

I have two Maximillian's Pionus for sale. The male was hatched in 2017. He is perfect and was hand-fed but has not been recently handled. The female is older (uncertain) and has one eye missing from an old injury. She is not bothered by it. The two have not been bonded. I will sell them for $600 for the two. I will not separate them and I will not ship. Interested persons may contact Dan at 520-568-2094.
Beautiful Pair Blue Headed Pionus
Name:   Robert  -  user reviews
Posted:   8/24/2019
Aviary:   Exotic & Beautiful Birds
Phone:   562-318-8585
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Location:   Cerritos , California

Beautiful Proven Pair of Blue-Headed Pionus for $3000. For Serious Inquiries, Call or Text 562-318-8585. Want more Birds, Follow us on Instagram @exb_birds
maximilian pionus
Name:   Alex Cordero  -  Posted:   7/24/2019
Aviary:   The Softbill Gallery
Phone:   973-943-0722
Location:   Morris country , New Jersey

maximilian pionus $800 Breeder bird

Pionus Parrot
Name:   Bill Kalichman  -  user reviews
Posted:   6/4/2019
Aviary:   Bills birds
Website:   Bills birds.blog
Phone:   954-791-3720
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Location:   Ft lauderdale , Florida

Super tame Pionus parrot, perfect condition Awesome bird best pet quality Call 954-791-3720 Ready to ship Fully guaranteed
Coral Billed Pionus
Name:   Lillian  -  user reviews
Posted:   4/10/2019
Phone:   570-861-0183
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Location:   Hazleton , Pennsylvania

This extreme rarity is available. This is a pair of Coral Billed Pionus and a male Maximilian Pionus. I bought them to set up for breeding from an exceptional breeder whom has retired on to smaller sized birds. They are amazing, gorgeous birds and not loud, but unfortunately for me, my Amazons distract them too much. Which is why i believe they haven't bred for me. I would love for them to go to a quieter calmer home where someone can pursue continuing to breed this rare species. No one has them and to me it's sad that the noise level of my other birds don't allow them to have the beautiful babies they are capable of having like they did for the breeder before me. They are disease tested negative. Serious and experienced inquirers only. T: 570-861-0183
Blue headed pionus pairs two pairs
Name:   Manny Hernandez  -  user reviews
Posted:   3/20/2019
Phone:   (714) 213-5289
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Location:   Fullerton , California

Blue headed pionus. I have two pairs available. Call for more info. 1450 each pair. ISO Derbyans singles or pairs. May consider trades for Derbyans, brown headed parrots, ruppells parrot, cape parrots, jardines, citron only. (714) 213-5289 Manny